Hong Kong launches walking FUN market campaign

- Jun 25, 2019-

The Hong Kong environmental campaign committee (CRC) recently held a "plastic walking FUN fair" at the central museum in response to world environment day and world ocean day.

The secretary for the environment, Mr Wong kam-sing, stressed that the government had taken the lead in launching various policies and measures to tackle the plastic waste problem.

He hoped that citizens would use less disposable plastic products in their daily life, reduce waste at the source and share environmental responsibility.

Meanwhile, the second phase of "plastic tableware first" promotion plan was launched.

With effect from June 10, solstice and August 9, the environment protection department will work with nearly 700 restaurants in Hong Kong to encourage the public to buy takeaway meals "plastic or disposable" to reduce the production of disposable plastic waste.

The restaurants include more than 630 restaurants owned by more than 30 catering companies, as well as more than 50 canteens and restaurants located on government premises.

Under the promotion scheme, members of the public can get 1 stamp if they do not ask for disposable tableware when purchasing takeaway meals from participating catering enterprises and restaurants. If they collect 6 stamps, they can redeem stainless steel tableware sponsored by the circular transport association for free, or receive special offers or gifts from individual catering enterprises and restaurants.

In addition, the epd will launch the "plastic beach tableware first" 2019 campaign throughout the swimming season to encourage beaches and surrounding restaurants to avoid the use or distribution of disposable plastic tableware as far as possible to prevent the disposable plastic falling into the sea and polluting the environment.

Nearly 30 SAR government departments, ngos, green groups, universities and community organizations participated in the FUN fair to promote the "walking plastic" message through environmental protection booths, expert sharing, upgrading environmental protection workshops and music performances.

A children's library, a pop-up library of the leisure and cultural services department and art works created from Marine plastic waste installations are displayed.