How big is the global market for polyaspartic acid ester coatings?

- Jun 01, 2019-

According to a recent research report, the global market value of polyaspartic acid ester coatings in 2018 is $358 million, and is expected to reach $521 million by 2023, with the annual compound growth rate of 7.8%.Aspartic acid reacts with aliphatic polyisocyanate to produce polyaspartic acid ester.Compared with traditional polyurethane resin, this kind of resin is simple in construction and widely used.In terms of curing performance, polyaspartic acid ester coating has faster curing speed than polyurethane coating and epoxy coating, and it has good construction performance under the low temperature environment below zero.Its main applications include bridge, floor, OEM painting, automotive repair paint, wind power, oil and gas pipelines, etc.

It is pointed out that the application demand of polyaspartic acid ester coatings will increase fastest in the future years.Concrete includes bridge engineering, commercial housing, floor and roof, joint processing, parking lot, concrete repair, connection components and so on.Polyaspartic acid ester coating can be used as topcoat, sealing layer or waterproof layer in building engineering.

It is pointed out that urea complex resin is the most important one in polyaspartic acid ester resin.Composite by polyamide, polyurea polyols, the isocyanate component such as polymerization and become, compared with the pure polyurea, composite polyurea more sensitive to moisture, its high wear resistance coating, and the adhesion of metal base material, concrete base material in construction, transportation, industrial manufacturing, more and more widely used in the field of energy facilities, especially in the asia-pacific region, more significant application requirements.From the perspective of market area, asia-pacific is the largest market of polyaspartic acid ester coatings.China is the main market for the coatings, followed by Australia, Malaysia and Indonesia.With the further development of technology and the improvement of product performance, the demand also presents an increasing trend, which drives the continuous development of polyaspartic acid ester coatings.

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