How do plastics match colors?

- Mar 04, 2019-

Plastic match colors are on red, yellow, blue 3 kinds of basic color foundation namely, match a person to love, accord with color card chromatism to ask, economy and the color that do not become angry in processing, use.Additional plastic coloring can also give plastic a variety of functions, such as improving the light resistance of plastic and weather resistance;Give plastic some special functions, such as electrical conductivity, antistatic;Different color agricultural film has weeding or insect repellent, seedling and other effects.That is, through color matching can also achieve some application requirements.


1.Select paint


The white pigment mainly has the titanium dioxide, the zinc oxide, the zinc barium white three kinds.Titanium dioxide can be divided into rutile type and anatase type. Rutile type titanium dioxide has high refractive index, high hiding power, stability and good weather resistance.

Carbon black is commonly used black pigment, cheap, but also on the plastic uv protection (anti-aging) and the role of electricity, different production processes can get a wide range of different carbon black particle size, the nature of the difference is also very large.Carbon black is divided into pigment carbon black and rubber reinforcing carbon black according to its use, the pigment carbon black is divided into high pigment carbon black, medium pigment carbon black and low pigment carbon black according to its coloring ability.Carbon black particles are easy to aggregate, the coloring power of carbon black should be improved, and the dispersion of carbon black should be solved.

Pearl pigment is also called mica titanium pearl pigment, which is a kind of mica chip coated with titanium dioxide.According to the different hue, can be divided into three categories: silver pearlescent pigments, rainbow pearlescent pigments, color pearlescent pigments.

2.Buy paint, must understand the pigment dye index (C.I), C.I is dyed by the UK association and the American association of textile chemists and dyeing house The publication of the international assembly, dyes, pigments varieties each pigment according to application category and chemical structure, there are two number, avoid purchases for the same molecular structure, different term pigment happen misunderstanding, also benefit when using management and find the reason.


3.Computer color matching: the computer has been successfully used in the formulation and management of plastic color matching.