How to distinguish easily plastic product ID

- Feb 21, 2019-

Each plastic has an identity card - a triangle of three arrows with the Numbers 1 to 7.What does this triangle and this number mean?* let's find out.


1.The number "1" stands for PET, polyethylene terephthalate.Mineral water bottles and beverage bottles are made of PET.This material is not resistant to high temperatures and is suitable only for hot drinks or cold drinks

Drink, hold high temperature liquid or heat is easy to be out of shape, will dissolve harmful substances to human body.Scientific studies have found that the plastic may release carcinogens when used for more than 10 months.Therefore, do not reuse containers made of PET, or use them to hold hot liquids, which may cause health problems.

2.The number "2" stands for HDPE(high density polyethylene).Containers for cleaning products, bath products, cooking oil, etc., and common white medicine bottles are mostly made of HDPE.HDPE containers are mostly opaque and waxy to the touch, with good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, and long service life.

3.The number "3" stands for PVC(polyvinyl chloride).PVC is used to make the article such as conduit, raincoat, plastic box more.PVC product is firm and durable, but because its were added in manufacturing process plasticizer, antiaging agent, when high temperature easy to produce toxic substances, may cause cancer, neonatal congenital defects and other diseases after entering the human body.So generally do not use PVC products to store, packaging food.

4.The number "4" stands for LDPE(low density polyethylene).Plastic film, plastic film and so on are made of LDPE.Most of the plastic wrap hot melt phenomenon occurs on the temperature over 110 ℃, at the same time release some substances harmful to human body.So when you microwave food, remove the wrap.

5.The number "5" stands for PP(polypropylene).Microwave oven boxes is made with PP, resistant to about 120 ℃ high temperature.Need to pay special attention to is that some microwave oven meal box, the box body is made of 5 PP, but the lid is made of 6 PS(polystyrene), PS transparency is good, but not resistant to high temperature.To be on the safe side, take the lid off the lunch box before you put it in the microwave oven.

6.The number "6" stands for PS(polystyrene).PS is often used to make bowls of instant noodle boxes, as well as disposable bubble food boxes.When the temperature is too high, PS will release harmful substances, therefore, do not put the bowl of instant noodle box or foam meal box into the microwave oven to heat, also try not to use them to hold hot food, also can not hold strong acid or strong alkaline substances.

7.The number "7" stands for other.Among them, the common category is PC(polycarbonate), which is mostly used to make kettles, water cups, milk bottles and so on.Bisphenol A was added in the manufacturing process of PC. The eu believes that bisphenol A can be precipitated into food and beverage when heated, which may disturb the metabolic process of human body, affect the development and immunity of infants, and even cause cancer.Most supermarkets in China have removed the milk bottles marked with PC from shelves. At present, most of the milk bottles sold are marked with PP or "5".Besides, there are also A kind of PPSU bottle, PPSU full name is polyphenylene sulfone resin, it does not contain bpa, resistance to high temperature of 207 ℃, is now making bottles * safe material.