Ineos benzene collar is the first standard ABS brand made from recycled materials

- Nov 08, 2019-

Ineos benzene introduced its first ABS(acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene) brand with a mechanically recycled component, making it the first product in the new ECO range.The new Terluran ECO gp-22 brand is the first contribution by ineos to its commitment to include at least 325, 000 tonnes of recycled materials in its products each year.Ineos is working with Bage Plastics, the Austrian recycler, to expand production of Terluran ECO gp-22.The partnership combines Bage Plastics' high quality ABS recycling and first class sorting technology with ineos' benzene collar manufacturing expertise and innovation capabilities to create the best recycled ABS brands.Two new brands of Terluran ECO gp-22 MR50 and Terluran ECO gp-22 MR70 contain 50% and 70% of the recycled waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), respectively.Both brands are available in black.The new materials are designed primarily to address applications in new home appliances and electronics.Several European blue-chip companies have begun evaluating the new material and plan to apply first to the market."I am very proud that the product performance of the new Terluran ECO gp-22 matches the mechanical performance of the non-recyclable product," said Eike Jahnke, head of product management, Terluran, EMEA and new grades development project manager.Sven Riechers, vice President of business management at standard products EMEA, added, "these new brands will help reduce the amount of waste left in landfills.This is the right step towards a circular economy and will help our customers achieve their own recycling goals.