Ineos benzene ring development of polystyrene chemical recovery solutions

- Jul 23, 2019-

IneosStyrolution, a styrene resin supplier, is working with UnternehmensgruppeTheoMuller, a leading dairy producer, to develop a polystyrene (PS) recycling solution based on chemical recycling.

The joint project between ineos benzene collar and Muller focuses on the reuse of polystyrene recovered through depolymerization.

Depolymerization is the process of converting waste waste from consumer polystyrene into monomers.

The advantage of this process is to produce high quality pure polystyrene, which is eventually used for food-related purposes.

In other words, yogurt cups made from recycled polystyrene have the same properties as those made from traditional polystyrene.

"Dark styrene resins can be mechanically recycled, but chemical recycling is the preferred route for food packaging applications," said Buntinx from ineos benzene.

Ineos and Muller have agreed on a phased approach, with a laboratory-scale phase starting this year, a pilot phase starting in 2020 and a commercial-scale phase starting in 2022.

SvenRiechers, ineos's vice President of business management, added: "we are excited to partner with a leading market player like Muller.

We look forward to working together quickly and flexibly to produce an innovative solution that could become an industry case."

The announcement is part of ineos' efforts to recycle styrene to save valuable resources, recycle styrene waste and reduce its ecological footprint.

Action also includes research projects, collaboration across value chains and partnerships with customers to optimize solutions for sustainable development.

In April of this year, ineos benzene collar completed * successful test runs to produce pure polystyrene using previous depolymerization materials.

The tests, carried out at the company's plant in Antwerp, Belgium, are seen as practical proof of the recyclability of polystyrene.

K in June in Antwerp, exhibition, exhibition news conference before the ineos benzene brought to Europe, the Middle East and Africa region President RobBuntinx said that by 2025, ineos supplied to PS packaging Europe would use an average of 30% of the mechanical recycling materials, and in the European market to provide a series of polyolefin products containing 50% or more recycled materials packaging solution, at least annually to 325000 metric tons of recycled materials into products, and to ensure that the polymer products * can be recycled.

At this year's K show, the company will introduce two color PS models, containing 30-50% recycled materials, respectively in black and gray, with high gloss.

In addition, an ASA resin for non-painted highlights will be on display.