Innovative additive solutions are on display at the 2019 international rubber and plastic expo

- Jun 11, 2019-

As lead polyolefin additive producers in the world, beauty rekem exhibited at the 2019 international exhibition on the rubber and plastic series of innovative solutions to meet the market demand of rubber industry, by providing look and material properties of the additives to improve polyolefin resin, improve the machining efficiency, enhance the sustainability of the product, help customers to produce a more beautiful products, create value for customers.

At the show, merican highlighted its Milladu00 AEN XTM 8000 transparency agent for thermoforming and extrusion polypropylene applications, Hyperform® HPN nucleating agent for improving the properties of polypropylene polyethylene molded parts, and Delta Max TM performance modifier for injection molding of original polypropylene impact resistant copolymers and recycled polypropylene resins.


Hui zhenginformation reporter learned that Millad NX 8000 series products can greatly improve the transparency of polypropylene, make it to PET and PS comparable transparency.

Impact-resistant transparent polypropylene containing Millad NX 8000 can be used for large extrusion packaging in the field of daily necessities and food, leading a new generation of transparent standards in the field of polypropylene packaging, providing better solutions for FMCG packaging, which is not only lighter, cheaper and better looking than other traditional material solutions.

Millad NX 8000 transparent agent is also of high value in sheet material and thermoforming process. The ultra-transparent polypropylene sheet containing Millad NX 8000 can be widely used in the field of fruit, meat products and fast food packaging, such as thermoforming food packaging boxes and LIDS, clamshell packaging boxes, plastic packaging trays and so on.


Millad NX 8000 is a green environmental protection additive certified by UL Environment (a wholly owned subsidiary of underinsurer laboratories), an independent environmental claims certification agency in the world.

It reduces the processing temperature of polypropylene to 190℃-200℃, * much lower than the operating temperature of traditional transparent agent 40℃, thereby reducing the power consumption by 10% and improving the production efficiency, contributing to the significant reduction of carbon emission level of the whole industry.

In addition, lower processing temperatures shorten the cooling time of polypropylene, so plastic moulders and processors can use Millad NX 8000 transparency agent to increase production and reduce overall production costs.


Hyperform HPN high-speed nucleating agent is another series of products provided by merlikon to users, which can improve the crystallization temperature of polypropylene and polyethylene, thus shortening the stripping time of parts and increasing the production efficiency by 10-20%.

Merican additives also improve the properties of resins.

For example, Hyperform HPN polypropylene nucleating agent can ensure the processing uniformity of parts, thus achieving excellent dimensional stability, improving physical properties, and reducing warping and shrinkage of parts.

Hyperform HPN nucleating agent can also improve the moisture resistance and oxidation resistance of HDPE resin, and the standard medicine bottle made by this technology can extend the shelf life of the medicine.


Polypropylene Delta Max TM performance modifier is a masterbatch product designed for impact resistant copolymer and recycled polypropylene resin injection applications.

Although polypropylene is a cost-effective material, the balance it provides in terms of high impact, rigidity, and melt flow is limited, making it difficult to prepare, design, and process parts in a cost-effective manner.

This is particularly true of recycled polypropylene resins, which typically lack the high melt fluidity and shock resistance required for many injection molding applications in the consumer, industrial and automotive markets.

Merican polypropylene Delta Max includes a variety of products, such as i300 impact enhancer, a200 universal modifier, and m100 melt flow modifier.


Keith Keller, global r&d director of merican chemical, Herrin Hood, global marketing director of merican, Bhavesh Gandhi, product manager of merican China HPN, and Zina Zhu, product manager of merican China, detailed the new product system and solutions that merican brings to the market.

"There is a tremendous amount of activity in China and in Asia, both of which are important markets for us.

Merican products are very successful in China, including in Asia.

So this time have a lot of customer site do demonstration beauty products, we have an important product, * is Millad NX series 8000 transparent agent products, plastic products not only make it more transparent, more important is in the process of the plastic products processing can save 10% 15% of energy consumption, which is a very environmentally friendly products, this is also why many in the presentation of the product."

Herrin Hood, global marketing director at merican.

"In this exhibition, merican also launched a new product DeltaMaxTM, which focuses on impact resistant plastics. At present, the impact physical properties of many recycled BCP are not very good.

Bhavesh Gandhi, merican's global product line manager, told reporters.

Founded in 1865, merican is an innovative company that continues to improve people's lives through exploration, discovery, and creation.

With a number of laboratories, application and r&d centers around the world, merican has become the world's leading supplier of coatings, specialty chemicals, * additives and colorant technologies in a range of industries and markets, from automotive plastics to children's art supplies.

With the efforts of its innovation team, merican has been involved in a wide range of industries including specialty chemicals, carpets and high-performance materials. Every day, merican strives to create outstanding value for people all over the world, strive to improve people's health and safety, and promote the sustainable development of the world.