Innovative styrene materials to create excellent medical applications solutions

- Sep 27, 2019-

INEOSStyrolution, one of the world's leading suppliers of styrolution products, will take part in the China international medical equipment exhibition on September 25, 2019 at the Shanghai world expo exhibition hall.

Ineos focuses on continuous research in the medical field, constantly updating and improving its product portfolio and supporting services, and developing new materials for medical or laboratory applications.

It covers all aspects of the medical field, including intravenous infusion systems and fluid delivery, laboratory equipment, surgical instruments, and oxygen and drug delivery systems.

Ineos will highlight the following solutions:

Styroflex®4G80, a new s-tpe material for medical tubing [1].

Compared with other materials, its key properties include excellent adhesion, excellent resistance to kink, excellent transparency, and the ability to process at a higher rate on standard catheter extrusion equipment.

This material is a medical specification (risk grade 1 and 2 applications) for the provision of basic services for ineos benzene collar.

Styrolux®4G60, SBC material for medical infusion drops.

The material has excellent transparency and easy adhesion.

The good fluidity makes it easy to process, and it is very suitable for the production of infusion drops.

SBC material K-Resin®KR01 for precision urinometer.

This kind of K glue has excellent transparency and transparency, and perfectly balances its performance between toughness and rigidity, making it an ideal material for the application of precision urinometer and yank rod.