Intelligent additives that help to recycle spray-on parts

- Mar 19, 2019-

The European plastics industry has set 50 per cent recycling targets, and in order to achieve these targets, smart solutions must be considered for recycling textiles and plastic components containing multiple layers of coating.Devan Chemicals, a supplier of finishing Chemicals to the textile industry, has joined Decoat, a coalition that aims to tackle recycling of coated and painted textile and plastic materials, led by Centexbel, a Belgian research and development centre.

The objective of Decoat is to get rid of paints and coatings on plastic parts and textiles and make them recyclable

The alliance plans to study smart polymer material systems that can be triggered and appropriate recycling processes.These solutions will be based on smart additives such as microcapsules and microwave trigger additives, which will allow for the effective removal of coatings and other finishes by specific triggers such as heat, humidity, microwaves or chemicals, allowing for recycling.

Devan's particular role is to develop microcapsules that release their active cores at the end of the product life cycle using specific triggers such as heat.For example, this active core material may facilitate the separation of different coatings (by differentiating them), opening up the possibility of the underlying material being recycled/reused.Different active core components will be evaluated and Devan will develop the process.

The four-year project aims to reduce the amount of currently hard-to-recycle coated products, such as clothing, electronics and auto parts, by 75 percent.And reduce their carbon footprint by at least 30 percent.By recycling the material, Decoat is expected to create a new market in Europe worth more than 150 million euros ($170 million) in the medium term.

The eu-funded project was launched on 20 February 2019 at the solstice 21 meeting of the European commission in Brussels, Belgium.The project alliance from the value chain of each link of the 17 European partners, members involved in the design, manufacture, non-governmental organisations (ngos), research and innovation unit, including plastic technology research Institute (Aimplas) in Spain, Germany's Fraunhofer Institute (Fraunhofer Institute), Spanish Maier (a decoration auto parts supplier), and panasonic Turkey branch.