International rubber and plastic exhibition 2019: basf assists Bosch to launch revolutionary smart gloves, landing in Chinese market

- May 13, 2019-

International rubber and plastic exhibition 2019: basf helps Bosch launch revolutionary smart gloves, which will hit the Chinese market.

Bosch smart gloves are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) materials encapsulated with a variety of sensors and circuit boards, providing an ultra-connected experience for all industries

Basf materials and expertise help Bosch increase the efficiency of smart gloves production to meet the growing demand in China's manufacturing sector.

Basf at CHINAPLAS2019: China import and export commodities fair pavilion (guangzhou, China);

Booth number: 11.2A41;

Date: May 21-24


April 25, 2019 -- guangzhou, China -- basf is providing Bosch automotive components (suzhou) co., LTD. (Bosch) with the materials and expertise to improve the productivity of its revolutionary Bosch smart gloves (BIG) to meet the growing market demand in China's manufacturing sector.

Bosch smart gloves, made of basf thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) material, are a milestone in the field of interconnection manufacturing, enhancing operational interconnection and transparency.

The product will hit the Chinese market in the second half of 2019.

Bosch smart gloves help companies streamline processes and improve productivity, especially for manual manufacturing and semi-automated manufacturing represented by the automotive industry.

"We work closely with Bosch to streamline the Bosch smart glove value chain, from materials procurement and processing technology to prototyping and mass production," said TonyJones, head of industry, Asia Pacific, basf specialty materials.

"The simplified business model helps reduce the overall cost and time spent in the product development process for Bosch smart gloves.

Basf, the cooperation with Bosch covers Elastollan ® type TPU film processing technology design and development process, created a new business model, and simplify the development process of Bosch smart gloves, shortened product time-to-market.

The technology encapsulates fine sensors and flexible printed circuit boards into gloves.

Smart gloves require frequent contact with water, chemicals and dust during industrial production.

Basf ElastollanTPU material has excellent mechanical strength, water and chemical resistance, making it the best choice for smart gloves.

The excellent durability and flexibility of the material can also provide users with a long and comfortable experience.

"Our collaboration with Bosch demonstrates our expertise and competence in areas beyond material innovation and reflects our relentless pursuit of identity across raw material suppliers," said AndyPostlethwaite, global vice President, Asia Pacific *, basf specialty materials.

"We provide our customers with innovative product concepts such as high-performance materials solutions, manufacturing processes or business models.

Bosch smart gloves are equipped with high sensitivity sensors, which can realize real-time simulation of hand movements and greatly shorten the time of labor training.

In addition, the product can help users learn the correct assembly steps and record the production process.

The product data can be transmitted via bluetooth to a computer or smartphone for comparison with stored action patterns.