Japan's ube buys Spanish composites maker

- Apr 17, 2019-

In march, Japan's ube acquired a majority stake in Repol, a Spanish composites maker, through its subsidiary, UbeCorporation europs.a.u. (UCE).

Founded in 1975, Repol operates a factory with 61 employees in Almazora, in the Spanish province of castillon.


Ube's acquisition of Repol gives the company a strong position in PA injection molding

Repol operates a composite business in Europe using resin raw materials such as PA6, PA66, PP, acetal, PC and PBT.

These composites are mainly used in automobiles, but are also widely used in industrial materials and electronic and electrical fields.

The company's brands include DinalonPA, Dinaplen PP, Dinanax PC and Dinatron PPS.

Ube has positioned its PA6 business as a positive growth business and is now increasing its activity in squeezing out the application market where it has a competitive edge.

Meanwhile, ube is expanding its PA6 business in the injection molding application market.

The acquisition establishes a complementary relationship between the PA6 business and ube's ability to develop Repol's composite technology and non-pa resin products.

In addition, Repol's recycling technology is expected to be an important asset for future business as environmental regulations for plastic packaging materials tighten.

By acquiring UCE, which operates an existing complex, ube has acquired an additional operating base in Europe that is a world leader in the use of lightweight automotive plastics.

It will also seek synergies with its existing manufacturing operations in Japan and Thailand.

This will further accelerate the development of the company's composite business in the automotive industry and other industries for injection molding applications, not only in the European region, but also will expand to the trans-atlantic region and Asia.