JGC, showa electric and other Japanese enterprises jointly develop the plastic waste gasification project

- Sep 11, 2019-

Ebara environmental factories, ebara industrial corporation, and showa electric corporation have announced that they have begun to collaborate on the engineering design, procurement, and construction (EPC) business of the ebara process (EUP) plastic waste gasification project.The gasification and chemical recycling of plastic waste can decompose a mixture of various types of plastics and impurities into molecular levels and then regenerate into various chemicals, which is difficult to solve by other recycling methods.This method will help to improve waste recovery.

The EUP process is a partially oxidized gasification process of plastic waste using oxygen and steam as media to produce syngas that can be used to synthesize ammonia, olefin, and other chemicals.Showa electric applied EUP to its kawasaki plant in Japan.The plant's plastic waste capacity is about 70,000 tons per year.The goal for the four companies is to sign EUP licensing contracts within a year and then implement sales of plastic waste gasification facilities using EUP and EPC activities in Japan and other countries.