JSR has developed a single material multi-touch 3D printing technology that can be used in prosthetic limb manufacturing

- Dec 13, 2019-

According to MONOist, keio university's SFC research institute announced on December 2 that it has successfully developed a data design technology that can freely manipulate lattice tactile sensation, air permeability, weight and continuous arrangement through 3D printing technology through joint research with JSR.

In traditional technology, if different senses and functions are to be realized in the same product, different materials are often needed in different parts. When discarded, in countries where waste needs to be sorted, such as Japan, disassembly of products is often required.

JSR's new research solves this problem by using a single material for 3D printing, changing the feel, permeability and weight of a small lattice by manipulating the arrangement differently.When discarded after use, as it is the same material, there is no need to disassemble and classify, which is conducive to recycling.

It is understood that JSR intends to combine this research with the previously developed 3D data processing technology for human shape research, for the production of artificial limbs and the development of medical insoles.