Know beans car into a circle laolai, life and death

- Jul 09, 2019-

Zhidou electric vehicle co., LTD. (" zhidou automobile "for short) is in the middle of a storm of public opinion because of a piece of information about a person who has been executed with bad faith.


The refusal to comply with the court's decision puts zhidou automobile on the list of "dishonest persons".

A number of listed companies by its tired, have a bad debt, or to zhidou auto filed a lawsuit to recover losses, such as changhong huayi, yonggui electrical appliances, more than fluorine, tiancheng automatic control, ocean electric machinery, wan 'an technology, meili technology, penghui energy, shuanglin shares.

Learned, on June 10, 2019, small new energy automotive "leader" to know beans because there is no duly paid amount to more than 200 million yuan of goods and related interest by relevant department of the public for dishonest people, and know the actual situation of bean car for "fulfilling the ability to fulfill its obligations to determine binding legal documents, hidden property to evade enforcement", the event registration time for January 7, 2019.

As mentioned above, zhidou automobile itself has the ability to pay the loan but does not give it, this is the legendary "laolai"?

Actually know beans of funds is an open secret for a long time, we have learned, after know beans cars is always by the parent company of new ocean electromechanical group in support, and annual sales only reached more than 50000 cars can achieve know beans break-even point of the car, but car sales * know beans peak period was around 40000, the state to see its loss is very serious.

In addition to the problem of capital chain, zhidou auto sales are also in a big decline.

Zhidou automobile, which is positioned as a new energy minicar, had a period of rapid development due to the related policies of subsidies for new energy vehicles and the low price of 30,000 yuan to 50,000 yuan.

In the global sales list of new energy vehicles in 2017, one of the leading models of zhidou, D2, ranked in the top 10 and achieved the sixth place. In 2017, the annual sales of zhidou were 43,000, second only to the total annual sales of saic new energy. Compared with 25,300 in 2015 and 24,000 in 2016, the 2017 zhidou was indeed not to be underestimated!

However, with the decline of subsidies in 2018, zhidou's advantages have been lost and its sales have suffered a setback.

Zhidou sold only 15,300 cars in 2018, down 63.9% year on year. The target set at the beginning of the year was 80,000 cars.

In the first five months of 2019, zhidou sold only 1,900 cars.

According to data show, the zhi dou car that was established in 2006, it is by geely automobile group, new ocean group of mechanical and electrical machinery, jin sha jiang venture capital company tripartite joint venture is established.

The company's current top three shareholders are: new ocean mechanical and electrical group co., LTD., holding 31.45% shares;

Geely group (ningbo) co., LTD., holding 26.44% shares;

Ningbo yinshi investment fund partnership (limited partnership), holding 10% of the shares.

Zhidou automobile is also a pioneer in the field of micro electric vehicles. At that time, it alone opened the door to people's understanding of new energy vehicles.

However, the market is left to those who are prepared. Zhidou automobile has been working hard in the field of subcompact cars for a long time, but has not stepped out of its comfort zone. It is very difficult for zhidou automobile to rise again after encountering difficulties such as subsidy retreat.