Lightweight technology allows new energy vehicles to go further

- Mar 28, 2019-

"At present, the basic materials commonly used in automobile include soft steel, super rigid steel, magnesium alloy, aluminum alloy, etc. If compared with traditional steel, aluminum alloy material can reduce weight by 5-10%, magnesium alloy can be reduced by another 15% on the basis of aluminum alloy, and carbon fiber * can reduce weight by 60%.Liu bo, material and lightweight manager at changan auchan automotive research institute, said that the traction resistance of cars, except air resistance, is directly related to the weight of the car.Compared with other energy saving methods, lightweight technology is one of the most practical and effective means for automobile energy saving.

Liu bo pointed out that in terms of vehicle performance improvement, lightweight car transmission efficiency has a huge advantage.Driven by national laws and regulations, lightweight is becoming one of the important technologies for the development of new energy vehicles in the future.

No matter for acceleration performance, power performance or reducing energy consumption, lightweight weight reduction is an effective solution.For example, if the weight of a car is reduced from 1500 kg to 1400 kg, the acceleration time of the car can be reduced by 0.62 seconds, * the gradient can be increased by 2.29%, and the range of driving can be increased by 6.28km.From the perspective of user experience, whether it is a fuel car or an electric car, the cost of losing 100 kg will be lower than before.

"Whether from the perspective of energy conservation or emission reduction, the lightweight of cars is necessary.Our company is currently carrying out research on the battery shell of electric cars, and plans to reduce the weight of the battery shell of electric cars through carbon fiber technology, so as to increase its range.Giacomo odalbusco, chief technology officer of China hengrui co LTD, said the choice of carbon fiber composite material can achieve the goal of weight loss of 35% in terms of quality.

"From the perspective of economic benefits, the user perception of the lightweight of new energy vehicles is more obvious than that of traditional fuel vehicles, so I think the significance of the lightweight of new energy vehicles is very significant, and the proportion of the power and body weight of new energy vehicles also has great potential to be tapped.Liu bo said.

Carbon fiber may become the mainstream

"How do cars lose weight?At present, there are many choices, such as steel, high-strength steel, plastic aluminum, carbon fiber and so on, but the main direction of development is still concentrated in carbon fiber and aluminum.I think the carbon fiber composite material will have more advantages than aluminum, because aluminum * final processing molding is not easy, the processing molding is difficult, and if carbon fiber is designed and used well, the molding process is very simple and convenient.Heng shen shares chairman qian jing said.

Carbon fiber composites have been used in aircraft since the 1980s, and new models, from the airbus A350 to the Boeing 787, are based on carbon fiber composites.In the automotive world, BMW has been a pioneer, using carbon-fiber composites in cars since 2014.Some industry experts believe that after nearly 30 years of aviation experience, carbon fiber composite materials from the design, materials, molding, process and other aspects, can be well used in the automotive field."Carbon fiber composites currently used in cars account for just 9.1% of the total material used, so there is a lot of room for improvement."Qian jing revealed.

"In addition to carbon fiber composites, there are also a number of metal materials in the lightweight direction, the future will be a coexistence situation."It is also a process that is constantly being explored, depending on how the carbon fiber is formed and how efficiently it is produced.Lang bowan advanced materials co. LTD. General manager kang hongwei said.

Faced with a large number of lightweight materials and problems, it is very difficult for auto companies to replace individual parts with materials. However, through the platform operation, it is possible to reduce costs and accelerate mass production."I think the platform will be a combination of a series of lightweight technology solutions and systems, which aim to improve product strength and shorten the research and development cycle."In addition to the platform, liu said the cost of materials also needs to be addressed."It's a challenge for us to find ways to reduce costs by increasing the utilization of materials, rather than reducing the cost of raw materials."

Recovery can significantly reduce costs

"The application of carbon fiber composites in the field of new energy vehicles, first of all high performance, compared with aviation, the performance requirements of the automotive field is relatively low, the current carbon fiber composites can meet the requirements.The second is the quality must be reliable, stable, its repeatability must be good, the third is low cost.Qian jing said.

Kang hongwei believes that the main way to reduce the cost of green carbon fiber is to reduce the cost of fiber and resin, resin cost still has a lot of room to fall.

In addition to starting with raw materials, another way to reduce costs is recycling."We think the future * source of carbon fiber is the carbon fiber recycling used in aircraft now.We have done some experiments before, and found that the recycled fiber is not only low cost, but also good performance.From a performance point of view, whether it is tensile strength or modulus, recycled fiber meet the needs of the automotive industry."So we think it will be a very good source of low-cost carbon fiber in the future when the life of the aircraft expires."Qian noted that recycling methods are being actively explored and whether recycling plants will be set up in China in the future is also under consideration.