Macao's legislative council has voted to restrict the provision of plastic bags

- Aug 12, 2019-

The legislative council of the Macao special administrative region (SAR) adopted a bill on restricting the supply of plastic bags at its plenary session on Monday.In the future, Macao will use economic means to reduce the abuse of plastic shopping bags in retail activities and improve the environment of Macao.The law will take effect 90 days after its publication.

According to the future in addition to the bill, "has not packing food or medicine", "the passenger boarding at the airport or the rocky area, or in the corridor leading to the area of retail sites and obtained by security restrictions of hand luggage to carry goods", all may not provide free plastic bags in the retailing, offenders every plastic bag a patacas 1000 yuan fine.

It is also understood that the price of each plastic bag will be set by the chief executive of the Macao special administrative region in a directive published in the Macao special administrative region gazette.

According to the results of an earlier survey, the average Macao citizen USES about 2.2 plastic shopping bags per day, with a total annual use of 450 million.For tourists, the average person USES about 2 plastic shopping bags per trip, mostly from mobile stores or food stores.