Maintenance of the Chair

- Jul 31, 2018-

1, the new purchase of leather chairs, first with water soaked towels, wring dry after wiping off the dust and dirt on the chair surface, then use the nurse to rub the leather surface one to two times (do not use the wax-containing care products), so that the surface of the dermis to form a protective film, so that the future of the dirt is not easy to penetrate the dermis pores, easy to

2, to avoid sharp weapons scratch leather. 3, to avoid grease stains, ballpoint pens, ink and other dirty leather chairs.

If found in the chair leather stains, and so on, should be cleaned immediately with leather cleaners, such as no leather cleaning agent, the use of clean white towels stained with a little alcohol stains, and then dry a little wet towel dry, and finally with protective agent care.

4, the daily care of leather chairs with dry wet towel wipe can be, about 2-3 months with leather detergent to the sofa for a clean, or the use of household vacuum cleaners to absorb the leather surface dust.

5, in order to prolong the service life, should avoid the child in the sofa jumps to play, has the sweat body not directly with the chair leather contact.

6, leather chair placed to leave the wall 5-10cm, keep ventilation.

7, to avoid direct sunlight leather chairs, such as the living room often exposed to the sun, it may be a few times a few leather chairs to adjust the position to prevent the obvious color difference; if the humidity is larger, you can use 8 o'clock in the morning to 10 points of the weak sunlight irradiation seven days, 1 hours a day, about 3 months 8, the use of leather-specific maintenance liquid regular maintenance.

Use, with a small amount of each dip, many times the way to wipe the surface, wait until the maintenance liquid dry, and then wipe with a dry soft cloth, to prevent the leather dry or faded. 9, once the drink and so on, should be dealt with immediately, in order to prevent water and sweet infiltration into the capillary hole, at this time should be leather-specific saddle soap, stained sponge to play the way to the center of the central focus, and finally dry with a soft cloth.