March 13, 2019 plastics market forecast

- Mar 13, 2019-

Oil prices edged higher on Tuesday as Saudi Arabia cut crude exports.Brent crude futures were up 9 cents, or 0.1 percent, at $66.67 a barrel.U.S. crude futures were up 8 cents, or 0.1 percent, at $56.87 a barrel.

Market overview and forecast

- PE market: yesterday's small market fluctuations.Linear futures slightly higher, little change in spot prices, traders with market operations, active shipping.Downstream factories mostly maintain procurement on demand, and it is difficult to enhance the enthusiasm of receiving goods. The situation of light trading atmosphere on the exchange is difficult to improve, and the market has obvious resistance.Market reference: xi 'an market quotation collation, lanhua 2426H at 9100 yuan/ton;Dongguan market offers soft, maoming 5502LW tax-free 8850 yuan/ton;Shanghai market quotation, lanhua 5000S at 9500 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: market prices are expected to be stable today.

Low PP market: the market price move around each other, crude oil futures rose and polypropylene open slightly higher, double positive support, floor trading atmosphere to get a boost, but medium oil and petrochemical companies cut ex-factory price, traders more according to the petrochemical prices, adjust their cost, downstream shopping enthusiasm, volumes have released, around market reference: qilu chemical industry city weak finishing, fushun L5E89 at 8920 yuan/ton, the nanjing market P offer zhenhai T30S at 9250 yuan/ton, changzhou narrow market, extending T30S smelting in 8880 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: today's market is expected to maintain a small adjustment trend.

PVC market: yesterday the market price stability finishing, petrochemical prices are basically stable, traders followed by wait-and-see, the operation is not much, the downstream factory procurement enthusiasm is limited, more take goods according to need, the market trading atmosphere is general, the actual deal promotion difficulties.Reference market: guangzhou market remains stable, the current mainstream price of common tourmaline in 6430-6540 yuan/ton;The price in Shanghai market is stable. At present, the mainstream of type 5 tourmaline is 6350-6520 yuan per ton.Hangzhou market offer is stable, the current mainstream of type 5 tourmaline 6320-6,500 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: the market is expected to change little today.

PS market: yesterday, the market price stability, individual decline.Raw material styrene small callback, part of the petrochemical enterprises have adjusted the price action, business more wait-and-see mentality, downstream factory stocking intention is weak, market supply circulation is slow, the actual deal.Reference market: ningbo market quotation interval, citic 525 at 10400 yuan/ton;Dongguan market quotation weak collation, 525 at 9690 yuan/ton;Yuyao market prices held steady, 118 at 11100 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: the market is expected to be partial or still present collation trend.

ABS market: yesterday the market price continued to collate, part of the quotation narrow range downward, although the individual petrochemical price increase of 50 yuan, but the market support is weak, business quotation is still in line with the market, the downstream factory demand is weak, drag down the market, the market sentiment is a little less, the market as a whole deal to talk about the main.Reference market: ningbo market quotation stable collation, 0215A at 12900 yuan/ton;Yuyao market quotation part of the soft, 0215A to 13,000 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: market conditions are expected to remain weak today.

Low: PET bottle flakes market yesterday market running smoothly, the upstream raw material futures markets fell, cost performance weak, most bottle flakes enterprise ex-factory price stability, the downstream active receiving mild state of mind, the overall trading atmosphere is general, the market price reference: east China market bottles in 8450-8550 yuan/ton, south China market bottle material at 8500-8550 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: the market is expected to collate today.

Low PET waste renewable market: yesterday and parts of north China east China market prices by one hundred yuan, the main reason is that the terminal renewable chemical products sales resistance is bigger, profit space is narrow, the waste-water firm shop give priority to in order to control costs, but MAO bottle and recycled bottle flakes supply still nervous, price drop is limited, at present the court two weak demand and supply, renewable industry step-by-step careful operation, the market price reference: east China market on white is in 6700 yuan/ton.