March 28, 2019 plastics market forecast

- Mar 30, 2019-

* international crude oil * information

International oil prices fell on Wednesday after U.S. government data showed a surprise increase in U.S. crude inventories last week as a Texas chemical spill hurt exports.

U.S. crude futures were down 53 cents, or 0.9 percent, at $59.41 a barrel.

Brent crude futures were down 14 cents, or 0.2 percent, at $67.83 a barrel.


Market overview and forecast

PE market: yesterday's market stalemate, small price stability.

Linear futures narrow range shock, no substantive good appears, the market wait-and-see atmosphere is strong, merchants follow the market to ship, offer adjustment is not big, real single negotiation.

Downstream factories into the market enthusiasm is limited, the actual transaction is difficult to show signs of improvement.

Qilu chemical city field quotation, qilu 7042 at 8170 yuan/ton;

Shanghai market quotation arrangement, secco 0220AA at 8800 yuan/ton;

Shunde market offer, maoming 2426H tax-free 8350 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: the market is expected to collate the main market today.

PP market: yesterday's market continued dull, the price is generally stable, individual small fluctuations.

Due to unclear information guidance, traders wait-and-see waiting for the opportunity to temporarily according to their own resources flexible goods.

Downstream terminal is still affected by the tax cut, cautious take goods, so the market activity is not high, the floor sporadic transactions.

Market reference: shunde market price adjustment is not big, maoming EPS30R at 8800 yuan/ton;

Ningbo market narrow finish, shaoxing three round T30S reported 8850 yuan/ton;

Changzhou market slightly consolidation, ning coal 1102K in 8800 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: market price consolidation is expected to run today.

PVC market: yesterday the market price increase, turnover improved.

Futures go up, the upstream cost side gives the market some support, the merchants operate cautiously, the mentality is general, the downstream demand has no obvious improvement, the transaction resistance is more obvious, the market support is limited.

Market reference: hebei market offer increased, current calcium carbide method 5 material tax 6420-6,500 yuan/ton to send;

Hangzhou market offer up slightly, sanlian 6400 yuan/ton;

Guangzhou market offer narrow range adjustment, the current mainstream price of ordinary tourmaline in 6430-6540 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: expected today's market volatility finishing.

PS market: yesterday, the market price stability small move, trading continued to stalemate.

Petrifaction price stability is given priority to, market mainstream face still does not have apparent improvement, businessman lets profit shipment, clinch a deal actually valence negotiates.

Downstream enterprises have weak intention of stock preparation, low demand and low transaction activity.

Market reference: shunde market quotation slightly loose, PG33 at 10600 yuan/ton;

The price quoted in the beijing-tianjin-hebei market was mainly stable, with 825 quoted at 10650-10700 yuan/ton.

The dongguan market offer slipped in a narrow range to 525 yuan per ton at 9,580 yuan.

Forecast today: market prices are expected to stabilize or soft today.

ABS market: yesterday's market prices generally stable, some small movements.

Cost supply and demand side game, the mentality of businesses confused, follow the market to ship, wait and see the market.

Downstream continues to purchase on demand, demand change is limited, the overall market trading atmosphere remains light.

Market reference: ningbo market quotation is basically stable, 121H yongxing newspaper 13100 yuan/ton;

Dongguan market quotation stable finishing, zhenjiang 757K at 12200 yuan/ton;

Yuyao market quotation partial small move, 0215A at 12850 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: market prices are expected to fluctuate little today.

PET bottle chip market: yesterday the market quotation remained strong, the trend of raw materials narrow range is weak, but the bottle chip spot tension is still, and the recent shipment is large, the factory and middlemen are holding the attitude of price support, the mainstream focus of the interval consolidation, the general trading atmosphere inside.

Market reference: east China water bottle material reference 8500-8650;

South China water bottle materials refer to 8500-8650 self-extraction;

North China water bottle material reference 8500-8600 self - lift.

Forecast today: the market is expected to run today's stalemate.

PET waste recycling market: weak market yesterday, the price of basic maintenance.

The new material slants the stable finishing, operator's state of mind is pessimistic, the regeneration bottle piece quantity is general, the cleaning factory starts to work is limited.

Downstream recycled chemical fiber products sales are not smooth, chemical fiber plant profit space is limited, cautious procurement of raw materials.

At present, the floor trading flat, a single deal to see the negotiations.

Market reference: east China market copy of the machine on the white mainstream offers in 6400-6,500 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: if there is no obvious positive factors, the market is expected to continue to be weak today.