Medical plastic star exhibits bloom, high-tech shine CHINAPLAS 2019 international rubber and plastic

- May 07, 2019-

As one of the country's strategic emerging industries and the industry predicted to produce the next richest man in the world, the biological industry has been a hot field competing for development all over the world.

In recent years, local governments have successively introduced relevant policies to attract and encourage enterprises to move forward. The two-vote system, registration system, medical device approval process, medical reform policies and financial incentives have enabled domestic medical devices and innovative devices to grow rapidly.

In addition, at the beginning of 2019, three cross-industry giants, baidu, tencent and huawei, announced to enter the medical device market one after another. The giants entered the market with capital and technology, which is expected to promote the development of the industry.

However, compared with developed countries, China still has a huge space for the development of high-end medical devices in terms of research and development, innovation, product quality and enterprise development scale.

In response to the rapid growth of medical plastic market demand, more and more rubber and plastic suppliers into the highly potential and high value of the medical field.

"CHINAPLAS2019 international rubber and plastic exhibition" focuses on "intelligent manufacturing, high-tech materials, environmental protection and recyclable solutions", connects upstream and downstream enterprises, and helps create a new trend of "safety, precision manufacturing, small and portable" in the medical industry.

High-tech materials boost innovation and research and development in the medical industry

Medical device products have high requirements for raw material quality, precise manufacturing, and various and complicated demands. The scientific and technological progress of the upstream industry has a direct impact on the technical trend and r&d innovation ability of medical devices.

Medical materials are developing towards a safer and more environmentally friendly direction, and biocompatible biodegradable materials have become a hot spot.

The functionality of materials is also increasingly valued.

The recently developed TIPP of lotte chemical * is designed and manufactured according to the new polymerization molding technology of lotte chemical *. It is a combination of high transparency and high impact resistance, with the same transparency and impact strength as random copolymer polypropylene and the same super anti-whitening performance as block polypropylene.

TIPP is suitable for transparent application or color masterbatch application in high-gloss products, such as injection or blow molding process of transparent containers, transparent film, medical syringes and medical infusion bags, infusion bottles.

The product will make its world debut at CHINAPLAS2019.

Lotte chemical's safe and clean high-performance health solution will also be presented to the audience at the exhibition. This material can be developed into a variety of medical products to meet the human body's suitability. While retaining the excellent chemical resistance and impact strength of the products, it also has strict international medical certification.

Needle - free connector is a new trend in infusion medical devices.

Needle less joint valve, is the use of silicone made of elastic joints, and the plastic parts of the outer wall needs to be closely fitted and assembled, and repeatedly inserted in the process of use, so self-lubrication performance becomes particularly important.

Meitu will introduce medical-grade self-lubricating liquid silicone virtual at the fair, which can assist needle free connector manufacturers to perfectly realize convenient assembly and repeated plugging and unplugging performance.

PEEK and PPSU play an irreplaceable role in the medical field due to their excellent corrosion resistance, high purity, high strength, X-ray transmission, light weight, high temperature steam resistance, repeated sterilization, and good biocompatibility.

Jiangsu China would PEEK, PPSU materials application in medical instrument extended to: automatic surgery robot, external fixator and an intramedullary nail operation targeting frame, skull operation targeting frame, PEEK dental equipment, surgical instruments, joint surgical instruments and medical testing equipment, medical accessories, such as 3 d printing, operation bed and orthopedic medical product research and development production of special plastic provide the perfect technical solution.

Intelligent manufacturing accelerates the transformation and upgrading of the medical industry

Medical equipment is a multidisciplinary cross, knowledge intensive, capital intensive and high technology industries, a combination of a variety of high-tech achievements, the traditional industry and biomedical engineering, electronic information technology and modern medical imaging technology such as high and new technology, combining with high barriers, the characteristics of high concentration, is a measure of a country level of manufacturing industry and high-tech development one of the standard.

With the promotion of "made in China 2025", the manufacturing capacity of China's precision manufacturing and electromechanical integration equipment has been enhanced, and the medical device industry has been promoted to flourish.

The medical industry requires high product precision and environmental cleanliness.

Foshan baojie precision machine JE series precision automatic injection molding machine has fast, stable, energy-saving, clean, precision and other performance, no hydraulic leakage and oil seepage phenomenon, more suitable for medical equipment, medical consumable packaging clean workshop environment production requirements, but also more widely with unmanned, automatic, intelligent production conditions.

The medical puncture needle mold is a kind of precision injection mold, the product must contact the human body, therefore the product inspection request is very strict.

In this exhibition, jiangtian technology will bring the first puncture needle in Asia with all-hot SideGate mould.

This set of mould steel is made of German 2083 steel. The mould has small thermal deformation and good discharge property.

The Sidegate system of the 48-hole full heat flow channel is adopted.

The cores and cavities can be matched with each other.

With the popularization of interventional diagnosis and treatment technology, the demand for precision medical catheters is increasing. As the industry leader in the field of polymer processing, davis-standard understands the extrusion demand of the global medical pipe market.

Strict tolerances, high speeds, dedicated cleanroom equipment, and in-depth process support allow for the design of excellent turnkey extrusion systems based on product requirements.

Its Connecticut laboratory supports the development of new applications for medical tubes, such as microporous tubes, multicavity tubes and conical tubes, and the ability to process tubes using alternative polymers.

With the improvement of people's living standard and health awareness, the demand for household medical equipment is considerable. Many tests and treatments can be performed by patients at home without going to the hospital.

Therefore, miniaturization and portability of "mobile health care" has become the development trend of the industry.

With the development of minimally invasive medicine and precision medicine, it is required to design smaller and more flexible instruments.

With the development of precision instruments, welding process requirements are increasingly high, especially for medical products with small size, thin wall and high assembly accuracy.

Its GSX platform can provide advanced control and * positioning of mechanical and electronic control system, using pressure step.

Stronger process control performance and higher energy transfer capacity, can ensure high quality welding, reduce scrap rate, help to increase production.

Contemporaneous activities - medical plastic convergence is a collection of cutting-edge and practical solutions

In order to make medical devices, consumables and medical packaging manufacturers one-stop understanding of * cutting-edge solutions, the organizer of the exhibition put on a big show -- "medical plastic collection".

The event consists of "medical plastic BBS", "medical plastic product display", "medical plastic guide" and "medical plastic guided tour", and it will bring famous exhibitors, industry associations and leading medical device manufacturers to create an efficient communication platform.

After painstaking research into the market needs, the organizer has prepared two parts for "medical plastic BBS".

* partially link up the upstream and downstream production chains: Benson, RJG, Johnson & Johnson, maitu, privan, lubrizol, Poland tev, kootek dry ice, etc. Topics to be discussed include:

"Polymer medical instrument sterilization products", "lubrizol medical polyurethane products in the application of the high risk medical instrument", "use the generic data for molding process revalidation", "ultrasonic plastic welding common problem", "innovative, lubrication series liquid silica gel and its application in no needle connector terminal advantage", "live in the polymer solution on the medical consumables" LUVOCOM ® high-performance compounds in the center of the medical technology application ", "dry ice cleaning technology applied in the innovation of the medical device industry", etc., continuously updated business guests and issues in the speech, please concern.

Medical plastic public BBS pre-registration has been opened, please sign up for:

The second part of BBS is "the second bio-medical 3D printing development peak BBS".

3D printing technology plays a very important role in promoting precision surgery and personalized medicine. Biomedicine is also considered as one of the promising fields in the application of 3D printing industry. It has attracted the attention of medical experts, researchers and enterprises in orthopedics, stomatology, rehabilitation and other fields.

To accelerate the 3 d printing technology popularization and application in the field of biomedical, BBS will be invited to the scientific research institutions, universities and medical institutions and enterprises, medical 3 d printing technology and new materials industry policy guidance, *, new technology development and path, the industry development and application situation, business model innovation issues such as conduct in-depth discussion.

The meeting was presided over by jiang wenbo, executive deputy director of the 3D printing center of the ninth people's hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university.

Academician of the French national institute of technology science park/vice President of city university of Hong Kong Lv Jian will open "2-3-4 D printing and its application prospect in the field of medical treatment", south China university of technology professor/material manufacturing association Dr Yeoh, guangdong province in this paper, the "3 D printing change the future", southern medical university professor wen-hua huang introduced "medical platform to build 3 D printing technology and its application" black flame, Shanghai medical technology co., LTD., general manager of Liu Yidong bring "black flame health promoting medical 3 D printing technology clinical practice", GE material manufacturing in south China area sales director Liu Zhiping recommendation "GEAdditive power increase material in medical applications

Development ", rehabilitation, southern medical university, dean of the school of guo-zhi huang explanation to the idea of "cloud computing intelligent 3 d printing in the application of rehabilitation medicine and practice" * affiliated hospital of zhongshan university joint surgery chief physician wei-ming liao share "3 d printing technology in the hip replacement acetabulum prosthesis in the clinical application of" accurate, guangzhou medical university music brought from hospital, deputy director of the educational "based on 3 d printing limbs distal intra-articular fracture of the high success rate of internal fixation surgery", wacker chemical (China) co., LTD. Business development manager chong-feng zhang share "wacker chemical ACEO silicone 3 d printing innovative solutions".

BBS will also launch a "" high-end dialogue around whether 3D printing medical applications are not being promoted enough or have been over-hyped and how to develop healthily" ".

"Medical plastic product display" will focus on the display of a variety of new medical plastic technology or materials of medical products, a wide variety, the audience can also through the attached qr code instant understanding of the relevant technical information and exhibitors location, convenient and accurate visit.

"Medical plastic guided tour" will continue to invite visitors to visit the exhibition stands of well-known medical plastic technology suppliers, and directly communicate with technicians to provide real-time solutions.

The "medical plastic guide" includes selected exhibits, exhibitors' list of medical plastic solutions, articles, etc. Please pay close attention to download and develop the tour route.

As K exhibition (KShow) is neck and neck with Germany "CHINAPLAS international rubber exhibition", in 2019, will return to guangzhou on May 21-24, in guangzhou, pazhou, guangzhou, China import and export commodities fair exhibition hall, the exhibition with more than 250000 square meters of exhibition area, global more than 3500 led to the exhibitors, including basf, dupont, poly, wanhua, Wallace figure, rekem, LG, TSRC, mitsubishi chemical, Abraham kuyper glue, Haitian international, the secret treasure, Klaus murphy, berger, engel, prosperous xin, elegant girl, beautiful and etc.,

To bring leading plastic machinery, materials and technical solutions to global buyers.

The exhibition is expected to attract more than 180,000 professional visitors from 150 countries and regions, creating a rubber and plastic innovation feast that gathers global resources.

Previous exhibitions have attracted star buyers from the medical industry, such as medtronic, Siemens, microtrauma, mindray, Baxter, wigor, yangpu, condelle, kaikai, baihe, philips weikang, tuoren, guangzhou bain medical and so on.

Exhibition pre-registration is in progress!

Visitors who complete pre-registration before 10:00 am on May 14, 2019 will enjoy a discount of 50 yuan (4 days).

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