Nantong customs returned 25.45 tons of solid waste according to law

- Jun 01, 2019-

On May 20, 25.45 tons of PE recycled solid waste was returned to China and shipped out of the country under the supervision of nanjing customs under the supervision of nantong customs.

This batch of solid waste declared product name is PE recycled particles, after laboratory testing identified as "waste and waste materials produced by the lack of effective quality control in the regeneration process".

According to the general principles of solid waste identification standards, solid waste is classified as solid waste, and according to the catalogue of prohibited import of solid waste, it is classified as currently prohibited import of solid waste in China.

Nantong customs ordered these solid wastes to be returned to the country according to law, went through the formalities of return, and conducted strict supervision according to the plan of return.

At present, most enterprises do not have a comprehensive understanding of the system of imported particles, which leads to the need for many containers of relevant departments' test sheets, and the clearance time is greatly delayed.Even some of the container packaging, particle color, shape and other large differences, such imported materials were directly returned, the enterprise suffered heavy losses.

When checking recycled plastic containers, customs will first make a judgment based on three unified principles.If more than the scope of goods found, the customs will be suspected of solid waste.Then the equipment related appraisal organization, the organization to issue an appraisal report to feel the property of the goods.In case of solid waste, the container will be returned.