Nestle's hard-to-recycle baby food packaging waste has been given a new lease of life

- Jan 04, 2020-

Gerber, a nestle brand, has teamed up with Terra Cycle to bring new life to hard-to-recycle baby food packaging.

As part of a new program launched in the United States, consumers can use prepaid shipping labels to mail Gerber packages that cannot be recycled in the city.

Once the discarded packaging is collected, it is cleaned, melted and turned into hard plastic, which is then remade into new products.

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"Through this free recycling program, Gerber provides parents with an easy way to avoid dumping waste in the landfill by responsibly disposing of some hard-to-recycle baby food packaging," said Tom Szaky, CEO and founder of teri environmental.

"By collecting and recycling this packaging waste, parents can show their respect for the environment not only by choosing eco-friendly products for their children, but also by choosing eco-friendly packaging."

Gerber, which was acquired by nestle in 2007, makes a wide range of baby formula, baby food, cereals, snacks and nutrition products.

The goal is to use 100% recyclable or reusable packaging by 2025.

Bill Partyka, Gerber's chief executive, said: "we are delighted to be working with teri green as part of our efforts to further promote sustainable packaging.

We know that every parent's primary concern is to ensure that their child has a healthy and happy future.

Our commitment to sustainability is rooted in helping parents build a better future for their babies."

Teri has operations in 21 countries and territories, working with consumer products companies, retailers and cities to recycle and regenerate products and packaging that would otherwise have been buried or incinerated.