New upgraded melamine resin foam has been launched

- Dec 21, 2019-

Basf has expanded its melamine resin foam bardot ® series with the new bardot ® UF+.

Barbit ® UF+ is a popular upgrade to barbit ® UF with lower formaldehyde volatilization and wider applications.

This lightweight flexible foam product is suitable for the thermal insulation of railway vehicles and the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of buildings.

At the same time, it effectively reduces the noise in such environments.

Now, this new upgrade foam product has been sold in the world.

Barbit ® UF+ inherits the characteristics of the previous generation of barbit ® UF: high elasticity, low thermal conductivity, very low density of 7 kg/m3, and no mineral fibers are produced during processing.

High elasticity means the material can be applied to very small crevices and highly curved surfaces, such as ceilings and walls.

Bt ® UF+ meets the highest fire safety standards, including the U.S. ASTMC 1410 industrial application test standard.

This basf foam has strong dimensional stability, low density and excellent flame retardant, which can be used for sound absorption and thermal insulation of trains, subways and trams.

Bt ® UF+ meets the highest fire protection standards in the field of transportation (EN 45545 HL3 level) and can be used in a variety of rail and rail vehicles.

About bardot ®

Bardot ® is a unique perforated foam made from melamine resin.

The basic material has excellent flame retardancy without adding other flame retardants.

The material has excellent weather resistance and maintains its properties at temperatures of 240°C.

Thanks to its open-hole foam structure, barshumt ® has the advantages of light weight, elasticity at low temperature, and excellent sound absorption and thermal insulation.

The number of ®

It can be applied to many industries, including automobile, aviation, construction and household.