New York state is considering banning hotels from offering disposable plastic toiletries

- Oct 12, 2019-

In an effort to reduce plastic waste, New York state lawmakers proposed banning hotels from offering guests toiletries wrapped in single-use plastic.

If passed, the new rules would apply to hotels with more than 50 rooms in New York state starting in 2023, and to smaller hotels with fewer than 50 rooms starting in 2024.

Under the proposal, the hotel will provide toiletries using wall mounted filling reclaimers, reusable bottles or containers made from recycled materials.

Hotels that break the rules could face fines.

New York City alone has more than 630 hotels that discard about 27 million plastic toiletries bottles a year, NBC news reported, citing the office of New York senator Todd kaminski.

Kaminski's proposal was supported by the New York City hotel association and the New York state hotel management and tourism association.

He hopes to pass the bill next year.