Nordic chemical and bolu launched a new medical grade PP copolymer

- May 16, 2019-

Nordic chemical (Vienna) and bolo (ABU dhabi), suppliers of polymer materials, have developed a highly mobile, multiphase copolymer polypropylene for the production of medical and diagnostic equipment.Last week, Bormed BJ868MO was announced to join its Bormed polyethylene and polypropylene product portfolio.

Borealis Bormed BJ868MO was developed to enable customers in the Nordic chemical and bolo healthcare sectors to fully comply with regulations in the production of medical and diagnostic equipment such as pipets.Bormed BJ868MO complies with Bormed concepts and ensures that nordic-chemical and boro customers can safely and permanently supply materials that meet European and U.S. pharmacopoeia and ISO standards.Bormed's concept includes a two-year notice period during which any changes to the product will be notified to customers.Ensure long - term traceability of products by retaining quality control data and samples

The newly developed material was validated by nordics chemical and bolo in collaboration with Premix Oy, a Finnish manufacturer of conductive and high-frequency plastics.

Ever since the early 1990s, patented pre-elec Premix has been used for automated liquid processing applications.Because these conductive plastic compounds can detect liquid levels with great precision, they are now widely used in in vitro diagnostics to ensure accurate measurements.

Bormed BJ868MO is used as the substrate of a new conductive compound for the production of high-precision pipette. In addition to conforming to Bormed concept, the material also provides the following benefits:

• high impact resistance, minimizes fracture risk and ensures good degradation performance of the final equipment in refrigerators, deep freezers and low temperatures;

• high fluidity, quick and convenient mold filling;Lower holding pressures and processing temperatures and faster cycle times reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions and improve sustainability.

Noora Kuusisto, global business development manager, Premix Oy, said in a statement: "at Premix, our consistent goal has been to improve the safety of materials used in the healthcare industry to make society as a whole safer."We are pleased to have reached this constructive cooperation with nordea chemical so that together we can establish new benchmarks for in vitro diagnostic material quality standards."