Old plastic new carpet binzhou longfu technology to achieve a great transformation of waste

- Dec 06, 2019-

December 5 news multicoloured carpet, the blanket of all sorts of design and color, feel soft and comfortable, who also can't think of these products is actually by waste plastic bottle piece production come out, and what realize this one magic change is to be located in yangxin county dragon blessing annulus can science and technology.

On December 4, the reporter followed the environmental protection group into longfu, focusing on the recycling of waste plastic.

On the 70th anniversary of the National Day military parade, the tian 'anmen square and the viewing stand laid a carpet of 24,000 square meters made of more than 400,000 used mineral water bottles, which is produced by longfu Scimee Scimee.&Tech. Co.,Ltd.

Through scientific and technological innovation, the piles of waste beverage bottles are transformed into soft and warm blankets of various colors, which can instantly increase the value of garbage that may pollute the environment at the beginning. All this has become a reality in binzhou longfu technology.

Into the company's exhibition hall, placed on the table beverage bottles, filling bottles, polyester filament, blankets are very intuitive to show you the whole processing products.

In today's world, energy shortage and environmental pollution has increasingly become the obstacle of human survival and development, energy conservation and low carbon environmental protection recycling utilization of resources, in particular, is a new economic growth point, is the focus of the national industrial policy support, Long Fuhuan can invest company scientific research funds, the recycling of waste plastic bottle chip production technology of polyester filament were studied long-term, successfully developed "using waste plastic piece of recycled polyester filament production technology, the construction of the world's first from discarded plastic bottles, bottle flakes processing, renewable and recycled polyester blanket weaving polyester filament production manufacturing process,

Took the lead in building a complete industrial chain of recycling resources from raw materials to final products.

The company makes use of the waste polyester bottle direct spinning industrial recycling polyester filament, overcomes the waste polyester can not directly produce polyester filament worldwide problem, rewrite the history of polyester waste can only produce polyester staple fiber, a number of technologies to fill the domestic gap and reach the international advanced level.

The company has obtained 10 authorized invention patents and is the formulation unit of four national standards. Many products have been included in the "national key new products" plan of the ministry of science and technology.