Osende spent $175 million to expand adiponitrile capacity

- Dec 27, 2019-

Osende has entered into an agreement with the state of Alabama to fund the construction of cogeneration units and expand adiponitrile capacity in Decatur, Alabama.

Its plant in Decatur is one of only four in the world to produce ADN on a large scale.

The $175 million project will expand ADN's capacity to reduce environmental damage and create new jobs at the plant, which currently employs more than 400 people in Alabama.

The oshende board has approved the project, subject to final agreement.

150 skilled jobs will be created during construction, 10 high-end manufacturing jobs will be created upon completion, and emissions will be reduced by 60%.

"Said Phil McDivitt, President and CEO of alesander.

"ADN, made at Decatur, is a key component of nylon 66, a high-performance plastic used in everything from car airbags to high-voltage connectors."

"It's good to see that world-class manufacturers like osendra have decided to include Alabama in their growth plans."

"The oshende plant has been an important part of decatur's business for decades, and I am pleased to see the company make this significant investment in Morgan county," said governor Kay Ivey.

Jeremy Nails, President of the Morgan county economic development association, added, "Morgan county is rapidly becoming a manufacturing center of excellence.

We are pleased that oshende has chosen Decatur to expand and help grow its economy."

MasTec Power Corp., a wholly owned subsidiary of MasTec, Inc. (NYSE), was selected as the prime contractor for the project, which will begin construction in the second quarter of 2020 and end in late 2021.

The project maximizes electricity and heat recovery, reduces osende's carbon footprint, and boosts the economies of Decatur and Morgan County.