PET storage defects are a problem

- Jul 17, 2019-

PTI's proprietary research indicates that the root cause of PET bottle performance problems may lie in the storage time and environment of preformed products.

Cto Sumit Makherjee explains that PTI factory support staff are often asked about the acceptable storage time for pre-formed products, so the company studied pre-formed products of 2 liters and 20 ounces that have been used for more than a year.These preforms are dried at 40 ° c in vacuum, returning them to their original state.

Simply put, pre-formed products that are stored for 3, 6, or 12 months are treated differently.The older the preformed product, the more difficult it is for the container to meet performance standards.The time of injection during the year for preformed products and the environmental conditions in which they are stored also affect performance.

In addition, the study found that: from the perspective of drying, water outflow rate decreases with the passage of time;Under the same process conditions, the wet preformed products can absorb more heat;Moisture has a greater effect on the properties of preformed products with a larger diameter.Dry pre-formed products are less stretched;Moisture ACTS as a plasticizer, allowing for more stretching and less strain hardening.