Plastic bags made of corn degrade after being buried for 3 or 6 months

- Jul 16, 2019-

Shanghai has started to implement garbage classification. Can garbage classification in other places be far behind?

Cent good rubbish still is installed in common plastic bag, not "cure a disease not cure a symptom"?

How to solve this problem thoroughly, nanle county, which has a demonstration cluster of bio-based materials industry, offers a package solution -- replacing ordinary petroleum based plastics with biodegradable plastics.

On July 4, according to the biological base material industrial park of henan dragon nanle countries tianren biological material co., LTD., and intelligent garbage classification systems integrator, a central plaza Beijing Ming intelligent technology co., LTD. Signed a contract, will be in Beijing xicheng district street smart garbage classification system in the construction of the pilot to promote biological degradable garbage bags, and plans to gradually in xicheng district, dongcheng district, Beijing haidian district and hebei male fully implementing new district, residents used for kitchen waste collection, transportation and processing.

Biodegradable plastic products will provide adequate alternative guarantee for curbing "white pollution". A relatively complete bio-based industrial chain has initially taken shape in nanle county, henan province.

What is a biological base?

The reporter understands in the interview, the biological base material industry is one of nanle county three leading industries.

The bio-based material industry has the advantages of green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, and renewable raw materials, which can not only fundamentally solve the white pollution problem, but also greatly reduce the consumption of petroleum by the material industry and alleviate the pressure of petrochemical resources.

At present, through cooperation with Meituan takeaway, we have promoted the use of degradable packaging bags in Beijing, guangzhou, shenzhen, chengdu, zhengzhou and other cities. Every day, hundreds of thousands of environmentally-friendly degradable packaging bags are sent to all parts of the country, which has been recognized and favored by consumers.

Henan airport group has started to use a large number of biodegradable plastic products based on biological materials in nanle county.

The production workshop of henan longdu tianren biological material co., ltd. is filled with the strong smell of corn. What comes down from the production line is not delicious food, but white plastic bags.

The plastic bags are made from raw materials extracted from corn starch and are buried in the ground for three to six months to degrade into carbon dioxide and water without polluting the environment.

Related personnel said that the end product is made by mixing corn starch, just like our steamed bread is the same property.

The street bags exported to the Netherlands are made very thin, but they pull well. A bag of 10kg does not leak