Plastic banknotes - world plastic banknotes exhibition launched

- Jan 16, 2020-

On January 14, the opening ceremony of "world plastic banknotes exhibition" was held in the city museum, giving the people of zhuhai a chance to know more about the world plastic banknotes.

This exhibition takes plastic banknotes as the theme, fully excavates and collects more than 250 kinds of precious collections of plastic banknotes from more than 50 countries (regions) on five continents, covering almost all kinds of plastic banknotes from all countries and regions that have issued plastic banknotes at present.

Through the exhibition, we can learn about the beautiful rivers, mountains and beautiful scenery around the world, deeply appreciate the profound history and culture of various countries, and also appreciate the great role of money in strengthening cultural confidence, which is a good form of publicity and education.

In recent years, our city has been committed to cultivating the local characteristics of the financial industry culture, at the same time to strengthen the development of plastic notes and other new notes, constantly improve the level of anti-counterfeiting technology, strengthen the anti-counterfeiting currency publicity, effectively protect the legitimate interests of the majority of holders.

The organizer of the exhibition hopes to take this exhibition as an opportunity for the public to have a comprehensive understanding of the world's plastic banknotes, to further enhance the public's awareness of anti-counterfeiting currency, and to vigorously promote the coin culture, to provide a strong spiritual impetus for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation