Plastic market forecast May 6, 2019

- May 16, 2019-

Low PE market: after the market price slightly, medium oil and petrochemical companies cut ex-factory price, supply cost supporting function abate, futures rotary header over the weekend, traders is given priority to with watching the spot market, a small amount of buying raw materials, downstream factory overall trading atmosphere, around market reference: qilu chemical industry city offer finishing, qilu 2480 to 8880 yuan/ton, hangzhou market quotation, maoming 2426 h to 9050 yuan/ton, the dongguan market offer, fushun 7042 n no tax 7850 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: market conditions are expected to stabilize collation.

A narrow low PP market: post-holiday market prices, although on Friday crude oil closed up, but because there is no futures, traders cautious, watching the subject to give priority to, downstream factories on-demand buying raw materials, clinch a deal, concentrated in a single market around the reference: zhengzhou market prices, China coal L5E89 at 8600-8650 yuan/ton, market in ningbo, a narrow donghua energy T30H at 8780 yuan/ton, market prices temporarily not adjust, shunde maoming T03 at 8500 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: expect small market fluctuations today.

Low PVC market: post-holiday market prices, some firms raised ex-factory price to boost market, another part of the rotary header not submitted to the enterprise, the downstream factory on-demand shopping, overall trading atmosphere is moderate, the market price reference: hebei region 5 type material by calcium carbide method without tax 6520-6610 yuan/ton, the changzhou region YiHua expected 7050 yuan/ton, hangzhou area north yuan 5 type is 7080-7100 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: market prices are expected to remain higher today.

Low PS market: narrow plate after market prices, individual just 50 yuan/ton, partial enterprise ex-factory price cut, to market a certain negative impact, but because of the holiday * trading, market guidance, lack of clear information industry is given priority to with watching, more firm offer clinch a deal the sporadic, the market price reference: dongguan market range 525 to 9400 yuan/ton, shantou market SKG - 118-9520 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: the market is expected to stabilize today small movements.

ABS market: after the overall market price stable, partial finishing.

The cost surface trend is general, has the obvious support function to the market difficult, the partial petrochemical factory reduces the ex-factory price, the trader state of mind is pessimistic, the downstream factory receives the goods ability to be limited, the floor source transaction is slow, the market price reference: the ningbo market 0215A reports 12750 yuan/ton, the dongguan market 757 reports 12150 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: the market is expected to adjust slightly today.

Low: PET bottle flakes market after market prices stabilised, due to vacation in PX prices dropped sharply, mentality pessimistic to have concerns about the PTA movements, so after * a session is given priority to with watching more, downstream will take the initiative to pick up the goods on the low side, the overall trading atmosphere, market price reference: east China market bottles in 8050-8300 yuan/ton, south China market bottle material at 8250-8350 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: market focus is expected to be weak today.

Low PET waste renewable market: after market price sideways, MAO bottle supply are still weak, washing factory starts affected, recycled bottles sources are still nervous state, terminal regeneration of chemical fiber market, active raw material buying intention is not high, the waste-water field overall trading atmosphere is moderate, the market price reference: computer white east China market in 6300-6400 yuan/ton.

Forecast today: supply and demand two weak, is expected to be limited market changes today.