Plastic prices can't go up again!Don't shut it down!Plastic factory on their own!

- Aug 01, 2019-

Plastic has to go up!Otherwise, do not use environmental protection to seal!The plastic factory died on its own!

Why?Market downturn, environmental protection reform and re-investment, labor costs rise, and the indescribable input and costs, do granulation, you know!

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Dry plastic is a lot of money to throw in, a penny to recycle, what a pain!

Stem good, earn a point, stem bad owe a buttock debt of a lot of people in!Hard, really hard, especially in 2019, dry plastic is no longer profitable.

The man who sold steel got cramp in his hand;Sell waste paper also buy a car, to the peak of life;Even village sell early, a year also earn hundreds of thousands!

However, the investment of millions, millions of open a plastic factory, but now can not earn money, the profit is thin, said no one believes, but it is reality.

Why can't you make money?

1. New material price dropped significantly: concern about the plastic prices of friends know, now the new material price fell every day, almost below the cost price!The price of PC has dropped by half in half in half a year, including freight and tax. How much is it?

2. The new material falls, and the raw material also falls: the raw material itself is hard to find, plus the long-distance freight, foshan side, the production cost of cold water blue and white pieces alone is more than 4500!However, a few days ago, there was a purchase consultation, said to buy a few tons of 4000, more than 4500 needless ~

The price that a lot of purchaser offer lets a person laugh off big tooth, spend the money that buys raw material, buy grain, this dream also dares to do really!Unreliable quotation is many, believe that every plastic factory has encountered such customers.No big heart, you must not make plastic, because it will be mad.

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Second, investment in environmental protection is increasing

Now plastic, environmental protection investment has become the norm.The country attaches more and more importance to the environment, a game of chess, every month, the first week there are environmental supervision, inspection.There are environmental improvements every quarter.

Be summer, how many plastic factory are stopping production to rectify, the friend that pays attention to plastic industry knows!Hebei, a big plastic province, many granulation plants are in the rectification.Dongguan, a leading area of the plastic industry, has shut down thousands of small plastic processing workshops this year.In hebei, henan, jiangsu, anwei and other regions, the operating rate of plastic factories is less than 60%.

Waste plastic processing is the biggest problem of sewage treatment, but often hundreds of thousands of sewage treatment equipment, environmental protection approval, stumped most small factory owners.On the equipment, the environmental cost is not included in the plastic price, where to calculate?

Third, the cost of labor continues to rise, plastic factory recruitment is difficult to become normal

All the year round plastic factory every day in recruitment, wages continue to increase, or can not recruit people!Young people would rather get a basic salary of 2,000 yuan a month, to do real estate sales, to deliver food, rather than go to the plastic factory to earn 8,000, and can go to the plastic factory workers are after 70, 60, or even 50 of the elderly.

All sorts of costs are rising, and margins are getting thinner.And a bunch of cheap vampires on the market!No profit, no quality?Where does the industry grow?Therefore, plastic prices are inevitable.

Do not make money, plastic factory either close down, or try to reduce quality, no matter which road, is the industry disaster!

Why the manufacturing industry of the United States is strong, the manufacturing industry of South Korea is strong, the product of Japan, Germany is world-famous?Because they have profits, they have money.Only the plastic factory to earn money, to invest again, to invest in research and development.Holding the heart of selling white powder, earn the money to sell cabbage, in such a state of the industry, plastic people will never be strong!