Plastics save resources at each single step

- Feb 20, 2019-

Plastic materials are key for the transition towards a more resource efficient and circular economyas they can help us to preserve resources in every single step of a product. 

For every product, solutions need to have a general overview of the different stages over the life cycle of that specific product and innovations need to be tailor-made based on that general overview. That is where “Full Life Cycle Thinking” turns out to be “Smart Thinking”. 

In the production phase, resources are saved through the diversification of feedstocks and process optimisations. During the use phase, plastics offer the biggest resource savings. For example,
plastic insulation saves 250 times the energy used for it production; 
thanks to plastic parts, cars have 4 times lower environmental impact and plastic packaging extend significantly the shelve life of
food reducing spoilage and waste.