Power international with protective film solutions at the 2019 Chinaplas international rubber and plastic exhibition

- May 24, 2019-

Chinaplas international rubber and plastics exhibition has developed to the present day and has become a large-scale rubber and plastics exhibition in Asia, which has played a positive role in promoting the development of China's rubber and plastics industry.

As the agent of imported fine chemical products for 20 years, Shanghai waidian international trade co., ltd. has maintained close cooperation with more than 40 high-quality special chemical suppliers in the world and has a professional sales team. We sincerely invite you to visit waidian international booth 12.2j19.

Booth renderings

Booth renderings

Shanghai waidian international trade co., LTD focuses on the domestic promotion of imported fine chemicals, and has been striving for 20 years in the field of introducing foreign high-tech fine chemical additives and domestic market promotion.

In pursuit of the corporate vision of "improving China's added value, creating a high-quality life", the foreign staff has been expanding.

More than that, the supporting sales portfolio of multiple products launched by waidian international for each application field can meet the different needs of customers, effectively enhance the value of customers' products, and strengthen the advantages and close cooperation of both sides' products.

Overseas on single

Products description: styrene block copolymer SEBS/SEPS, light stabilizer, antioxidant, antistatic agent, flame retardant, glass beads, organic pigment, mold release agent, gas phase silica, opening agent, dispersant, quartz powder, matting powder and other fine chemicals of international famous companies.

Application fields of the products include automobile modification, protective film, food and drug packaging, high-end elastic non-woven fabric, functional plastics and other fields.

In the field of protective film, we not only provide self-adhesive synthetic rubber with stable performance, but also provide additives with special functional requirements to meet different application requirements.

As a material protector, protective film has been applied in more and more fields.

Heat resistant protective film

For profiles and sheets formed at high temperature, as well as products operating in a variety of high temperature environments, the protective film needs to play a protective role, without degumming, moistening and taking pictures, and is easy to peel, which can meet certain effective protection time.

Booth renderings

For this application requirement, we recommend uv-3529 as a low pH hindered amine light stabilizer for PE, PP film and flame retardant systems.

Particle shape, low dosage, can meet the light requirement for at least 6 months.

Product advantage

Low reactivity with acid

※ very low color stain

※ low volatility

Compatibility with raw materials

Resistance to aging

The figure below shows the aging resistance of LDPE plastic film with uv-3529 added as hindered amine light stabilizer after exposure to quv-a:

An electric international

Electronic protective film

Electrostatic film, the emergence of a rich protective film market.

Electronic electrostatic film in addition to non-toxic, tasteless, safe environmental protection, to have a good surface adsorption, not yellow, and need to have the effect of anti-static.

An electric international

Based on this functional requirement, we recommend aonfei * antistatic agent from Finland, which is suitable for three-layer co-extrusion of PE/PP membranes with models of fSTAT and PE0108MFCC.

Particle shape, low humidity (less than 12%), can meet the requirements of * antistatic e7-e11.

Because of the non-mobile polymer mesh structure, neither the mechanical properties of the product will be affected, nor the protection objects will be contaminated.

Excellent antistatic performance can be maintained even in extremely thin film layers.

Performance and antistatic effect of aiangfei products

Electrostatic control depends on the amount of product addition, substrate and processing technology.

Surface resistance

Add ionphase products surface resistance probably range in 10 ^ 7 to 10 ^ 11 ohm.

Charge decay time

The charge decay time of the product is 0.2-2 seconds.

The following is the surface charge attenuation curve of the multilayer co-extrusion PE film with aonfei product.


Low humidity performance

Ai angfei products in low humidity (less than 12% relative humidity), still maintain good antistatic effect.

Above 50% relative humidity, electrical conductivity due to ambient moisture may slightly affect electrical performance.

* sex

The network structure of the polymer, as well as its stability and non-migration characteristics, enable it to play a good antistatic performance in the product life cycle.

Antioxidant and protective film

Crystal point is a common problem in the production of protective film.

The so-called crystal point is the polymer molecular weight is higher than the surrounding equivalent polymer molecular weight, and the resulting excessive polymer.

Crystal point is usually caused by machine equipment, processing technology, materials, etc.

It is possible to produce crystal point as long as the polymer is produced.

When the processing temperature is too high, oxygen in the air will make the polymer oxidation in the molten state produce free radicals adsorbed on the surface of the die mouth, thus free radicals trigger other polymer molecular chain reaction, forming a high concentration of unstable polymer, miscellaneous points in the high temperature.

We recommend cyanogen as an effective inhibitor to prevent the formation of oxygen on the crystal point.

And polyolefin melting treatment provides good stability, and can play a role in heat aging.


Foreign power international has been working hard on the road of excellent Chinese quality.

Cost performance + service = comprehensive competitiveness is our firm product philosophy.

For more product applications, welcome to our booth 12.2J19.