Production of titanium dioxide increased significantly in March

- Apr 17, 2019-

April 8, the reporter learned from the Chinese coating industry association titanium dioxide industry branch, in March our country titanium dioxide production increased substantially.

* statistics show that the production of titanium dioxide in China in March this year was 274,000 tons, with a month-on-month growth of 16.3% and a year-on-year growth of 6.46%.

From January to march, China produced 744,900 tons of titanium dioxide, up 1.65% year on year.

According to the introduction, domestic titanium dioxide production region showed a different range of growth in March, the growth of the top three provinces are zhejiang, guangxi, henan;

The top three provinces in terms of output are sichuan, shandong and guangxi, accounting for 21%, 17% and 12% of the country's total output respectively.

Industry analysts, February by the Spring Festival holiday, some titanium dioxide enterprises stop maintenance, maintenance enterprises have resumed production since march, so the output of February significantly increased.

In addition, the downstream market also began to pick up, leading to titanium dioxide prices.

In the later stage, the current inventory of manufacturers to maintain a low level, coupled with the shortage of raw materials imported titanium ore, price is still high, it is expected that the recent titanium dioxide market will continue to run strong.