PTTGC will mass produce polycarbonate compounds

- May 11, 2019-

PTT global chemical (PTTGC) said recently that it will develop its polycarbonate (PC) resin business through the commercialization of downstream polycarbonate composite products.

To this end, PTTGC's r&d department is developing LED straight pipes as well as electrical and electronic applications.PC products for LED tubes help reduce power consumption and thus extend LED life.Potential customers have begun to certify the quality of their outsourced products and hope to start commercial production in the near future.

PTTGC will start commercial production of PC composites, which can achieve relatively stable revenue.The aim is to set up PC resin production facilities so that the phenol industry chain can be improved and resist market fluctuations.PTTGC has formed A production facility to produce phenol from propylene and benzene, and then bisphenol A, with A production capacity of 150,000 tons/year.