PVC: 2018 review and 2019 trend forecast

- Jun 25, 2019-

Overall trend of 2018: in 2018, under the joint effect of long-term environmental supervision, high cost and improvement of industry supply and demand, PVC price showed a trend of bottom rise and fluctuation upward, with the price operating range of 6,200-7,350 yuan/ton.

On the one hand, the rising price is the rising cost of raw materials.

By environmental protection and the end of the northwest calcium carbide enterprises power limit, calcium carbide price is rising all the way, PVC cost support strong;

On the other hand, the demand increases.

Environmental protection policies continue to optimize and adjust the terminal plastic processing industry, and the withdrawal of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises cannot cause a decline in market demand in the long run, but the demand has increased due to the rectification of market order.

Outlook for 2019: it is estimated that in 2019, the range of PVC market turbulence is likely to continue to narrow, and the phenomenon that the annual high price will be lower than 2018, the annual low price is higher than 2018, and the annual price operation range is estimated at 6280-7300 yuan/ton.

The main cause of affecting PVC, first of all, under the influence of national environmental protection, safety inspection and other policies, the cost of PVC has been increased, and the second is that in the case of poor economic conditions, PVC downstream receiving is not good, forming a certain pressure on the high price.