PVC: eventful autumn market calm is broken again

- May 11, 2019-

2019 will be an eventful year for chemicals.On March 21, 2019, 14 48 points, xiangshui county, yancheng city, jiangsu province Chen jia port of zhenjiang Su Tianjia appropriate chemical co., LTD., chemical storage tank explosion accident, which caused the wide concern from all walks of life, after the explosion, tianjin, shanxi, henan, shandong, guizhou, heilongjiang and other places have been deployed in succession hidden perils in safety in production work, focus is mainly chemical production enterprises.

PVC industry is no exception, was affected to a certain extent, for PVC futures, the impact is quite deep.In the middle of April, PVC futures contract 1909 from March 21 about 6300 to about 6800, the spot market speculation up strong atmosphere, PVC ushered in a wave of growth.After that, affected by negative factors such as downstream receiving generally, PVC market fell into calm again.

April 24, from the emergency management department of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region learned that 24 at 2:55 PM, located in the city of wulanqab zhuozi county, Inner Mongolia east group dongxing chemical co., LTD., a workshop of the explosion, according to preliminary verification, has caused 3 deaths, 5 injured, the injured have been sent to a nearby hospital.After the accident, the local government immediately activated the emergency plan, organized fire fighting and rescue, and strictly prevented secondary disasters.

Stone aroused a thousand waves, PVC market calm was broken again.By April 2, the dalian futures PVC1909 contract surged to a new high since entering 2019, * up 7000, closing up 6960, up 150, or 2.20%.Spot market speculation mentality strong, traders quote, the range of about 70-100 yuan/ton.The factory price of PVC enterprises has been raised significantly, such as shaanxi beiyuan and Inner Mongolia yili. Some PVC production enterprises have temporarily closed their doors and will not quote prices.The downstream purchase enthusiasm increases gradually, the inquiry quantity increases.

The impact of the explosion accident in Inner Mongolia will continue for a period of time, and the safety inspection will also be strengthened, PVC futures will remain high volatility, PVC market may again usher in a wave of rising prices.But after rising prices, do not rule out the possibility of a high fall.In addition, the late still need to pay attention to the impact of the accident, futures.National policy and the strength of safety inspection and PVC enterprises can repair as scheduled.