Recyclable paper will gradually replace disposable plastic in India

- Jan 09, 2020-

, according to a new study in the debate about disposable plastic impact on the environment increasingly intense, if the government to ban the use of disposable plastic completely, so the paper may be can be used as substitutes, predicts 2025, the paper will replace part of plastic, instead of disposable plastic market a quarter of the total market value (80 billion rupees) share.In 2017-18, India produced 26,000 tonnes of plastic waste every day, of which only 60 per cent was recycled, with the rest ending up in roads, landfills or streams.The value of the disposable plastics industry is now close to rs 80 billion and growing.Packaging accounts for a third of India's plastic consumption and 70 per cent of plastic packaging goes to waste in a short period of time.The study suggests plastic waste poses a significant threat to species on land and in water, with disposable plastic bags taking up to 1,000 years to break down.Paper is an environmentally friendly green product that is biodegradable, and the paper industry grows more trees than it USES, the main raw materials of which are renewable, such as wood and agricultural residues.The study says about a third of new paper comes from recycled paper, which is produced using significant amounts of waste paper, such as sawdust and mill waste.The study also highlighted that recycled paper accounted for 46 per cent of raw materials in India, crop residues such as bagasse and straw 29 per cent and plantations 29 per cent.In addition, paper can improve education, improve hygiene and reduce pollution.Research shows that it takes 2.1 tonnes of wood to produce a tonne of paper, but paper does not harm the trees, so it is possible to replace plastic with paper.