Retema has developed a new kind of matte polyester film

- Dec 27, 2019-

Retema has developed a new kind of matte polyester film, called PE Smart Matt, designed for use in high-strength labels on food, beverage and personal care products.

The new product is a matte effect film that is more suitable than the traditional high-density mylar on the market and was developed to answer the need for products that require the highest quality, extremely rich decorative labels, bright colors and high-tech performance.

With this new technology, reitma is targeting food, beverages and cosmetics.

The matte PE Smart Matt offers a soft touch, evoking concepts of environmental sustainability and minimalism through the use of soft tones and colors.

The new film has been tested using the most common printing techniques and ink types, with excellent results in sharpness and consistency.

The surface coating can achieve the bar code of the surface cover.

With a thickness of 85um, this PE material has a high degree of consistency, which is a basic feature for satisfying different labeled shapes and extrudable containers, and its most typical applications are cosmetics and personal care.

It USES a highly transparent, cohesive acrylic binder, ISEGA certified, and is therefore suitable for direct contact with dry and wet but non-greasy foods.