Rui sublimation, maiande, devi turbine led MVR enterprises in Shanghai chemical environmental protection exhibition

- May 07, 2019-

Many production areas will produce wastewater containing a large amount of inorganic salts, such as sodium chloride, sodium sulphate, sodium carbonate, etc., these inorganic salts have been one of the problems in wastewater treatment.

Evaporative distillation crystallization and other technologies are widely used in many fields such as bio-chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, environmental protection, sea water desalination, etc. Traditional evaporative distillation technology is high in energy consumption. For enterprises, due to the low utilization rate of thermal energy, the operation cost is high.

At present, the energy price is high and the country is vigorously promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. Under the general trend, MVR technology will replace the traditional evaporative distillation and crystallization technology, which will be recognized and adopted by more and more enterprises.

For the high salinity wastewater produced in the process of deep treatment of wastewater, it can be treated by evaporation and crystallization * to achieve zero discharge finally.

In the new era of "building a beautiful China", wastewater treatment has become the key task of "blue sky, clear water and pure land".

Based on the advantages of MVR technology in wastewater treatment, a number of MVR enterprises have rapidly grown into practitioners of environmental protection.

It is understood that to Germany a joy, rui sublimation, Michael underwood, DE d turbine jack kao, nanjing, suzhou Qiao Fa, gansu branch, China in the blue car, Kang Jinghui, jiangsu branch, jiangsu rita, Hong Kong rong water, Greg billiton today modes of life science and technology, wuhan, jiangsu, jiangsu grant, Michael source in science and technology, zhejiang taikang, Air China hair, zhejiang MVR well-known enterprises such as ring, zhengzhou and for many years in Shanghai international exhibition of environmental protection of chemical industry and Shanghai international exhibition on evaporation and crystallization technology and equipment, for the majority of wastewater discharge enterprises bring * new evaporation crystallization technology solutions.

Shenzhen ruisublimation technology co., ltd. is one of the first batch of high-tech enterprises specializing in the r&d, design, production and sales of MVR evaporators in China.

Since its inception, has made great achievements in the relevant industry, industry influence and performance and the forefront.

It is understood that the Swiss sublimation waste water evaporator, no fresh steam, can save more than 90% condensed water, 80% of human resources, 60% of the site.

Turbine extraction: more than 95% of COD and more than 90% of chroma in waste water can be effectively separated. The purpose of resource recovery can be achieved by extracting and removing organic matter and then using MVR for salt separation.

In the field of chemical wastewater, rui sublimation has rich experience.

In the methanol plant and methanol to olefin project of the chemical industry, a large amount of mixed high brine is produced. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the content of calcium and magnesium ions through pretreatment to ensure the stability of the operation of MVR evaporator.

In addition, organics have a great impact on the system, and it is necessary to reduce organics to less than 300 to ensure the stability of the system.

Rui sublimate successfully for wison pharmaceutical industry of hubei province, chongqing taiji group, federal pharmaceutical, Qingdao Olympic cover grams of Inner Mongolia, hebei new chemical among all nations, Beijing dunning coal project, pangang group, the river on the pharmaceutical industry, weifang binhai petrochemical, shanxi vibration just chemical group, hubei xingfa tightsen chemical device such as a well-known enterprise on-line MVR evaporation crystallization.


Swiss sublimation 2018 Shanghai chemical environmental protection exhibition booth

Maiande group is a national high-tech enterprise and owns a state-level "postdoctoral research station".

Michael underwood constantly in the process of development of research and promotion of MVR evaporation technology, has been in the chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, fermentation industries has more mature MVR evaporation system performance, can satisfy the customer in such aspects as product enrichment crystallization, wastewater zero discharge requirements, also has a good reputation in the industry and a lot of influence.

Maiender official said, "as a well-known enterprise in the evaporation industry of MVR, we actively participate in this exhibition. On the one hand, we hope to let more customers know about maiender's advanced MVR technology products and services through the exhibition, so as to build a solid position in the industry.

On the other hand, by keeping up with advanced technology and grasping the development needs of the industry, we can have a deeper understanding of the whole market and make strategic adjustments in time to expand the service field of MVR technology and better serve customers.


Maiender 2018 Shanghai chemical environmental protection exhibition booth

Centrifugal steam compressor, the core equipment of mechanical steam recompression MVR evaporator produced by devi turbine, can replace similar foreign equipment in terms of performance and stability, greatly shortening the supply cycle of products.

At the same time, it also has strong competitiveness in price compared with imported products, which provides new impetus and quality assurance for the promotion and popularization of MVR technology in China.

DE d turbine controller introduces, "* a new generation of high-tech products to maglev blower aeration using" high-speed motor straight league "and" magnetic levitation bearing "core technology, such as cancellation of the traditional single stage high speed blower must increase gear, coupling, lubrication and cooling system, improve the product performance and reliability of operation, create better economic benefits for our customers."