SABIC launches certification for recycling polymer production using recycled plastic waste

- Mar 12, 2019-

On January 24, SABIC and its customers unilever, Vinventions and Walki group announced the launch of SABIC certified cyclic polymer.

SABIC launches certification for recycling polymer production using recycled plastic waste

At the world economic forum BBS (WEF) in davos, Switzerland, four companies announced the launch of SABIC certified cyclic polymers.The polymer is planned to be produced by SABIC and launched on the market in 2019. Unilever, Vinventions and Walki group are expected to use the polymer to develop packaging solutions for a variety of consumer products.

The approved recycled polymer will be made from a feedstock called TACOIL.The material is a proprietary product of British PLASTICENERGY, made from recycled plastic waste of low-quality blends.In support of this, SABIC and PLASTICENERGY recently announced the opening of * commercial production and processing plants in the Netherlands to facilitate commercial production of raw materials.

SABIC will manufacture the recycled polymer products at its production base in the Netherlands and then supply them to three major customers of unilever, Vinventions and Walki group to develop innovative, high-quality and safe consumer product packaging for food, beverage, personal and home care products.

SABIC said the launch of certified recycled polymers in 2019 will serve as a disruptive innovation, creating a new value chain that facilitates the work of upstream supplier SABIC and major downstream customers to recycle mixed plastic waste for packaging applications.

Unilever, Vinventions and Walki realize the importance of sustainable development and its role in the circular economy.They highlighted the critical importance of precision, quality and safety in consumer product packaging and SABIC certified recycled polymers as an alternative to traditional manufacturing materials.

SABIC certified polymer is widely applied to packaging solutions of strategic customers, including food, personal and home care product packaging of unilever, wine packaging bottle of Vinventions and Walki packaging materials that are more protective of consumer goods.What these companies have in common is the need to provide * quality packaging solutions that ensure consumer safety and meet today's environmental and sustainable development goals.

Yousef al-benyan, vice-president and CEO of SABIC *, said: "" sustainability and reuse have been part of SABIC's mission since its inception.At present, sustainable development has more core values than ever before and can promote our advanced technological expertise and research and development spirit."SABIC is proud to launch our certified cyclic polymers, which further demonstrates our leadership in advancing the circular economy.