Shanghai International Exhibition of Plastic, rubber and Packaging printing has been postponed to November 25-27

- Jun 15, 2020-

Shanghai 2020 International Exhibition of Plastic, rubber, Packaging and Printing will be held in Shanghai Everbright International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 25 to 27, 2020.

[Approved Entity]

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

[Guiding Unit]

China Plastics Machinery Industry Association

China Plastics Processing Industry Association

China Packing Association

Guangdong Plastics Industry Association

China Rubber Industry Association

Midwest Plastics Industry Alliance

Shanghai Plastics Industry Association


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【 Introduction to the Exhibition 】

Welcome to "2020 Shanghai International Plastic, Rubber, Packaging and Printing Exhibition", which will be held in Shanghai Everbright International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 25 to 27, 2020. Based on the east China market, the exhibition is professional, radiates to the whole country, and its popularity is well received at home and abroad. It is determined to be the most worthy professional exhibition in East China in 2020.

Gathered a large number of domestic and foreign famous enterprises, will display the rubber and plastic products, raw materials and ingredients, rubber and plastic machinery, mould, packaging and printing machinery and core components and other products, universal coverage xiangsu products, food and beverage, packaging, printing, automotive, chemical supplies, medical pharmaceutical, electronics appliances, chemical and raw materials, construction, aviation, railway, machinery and testing equipment, such as industry terminal application, also invited, chemical research institutes, colleges and universities related industry association and the news media, investment and trade agency official visit.

It will further highlight its professional, authoritative and international features, and promote industrial cooperation, development and win-win results through exhibitions, forums, promotion conferences and other forms.

The overall promotion strategy of this exhibition extends from China to professional buyers in the Asia-Pacific region and around the world, so that exhibitors can more effectively explore the International market in China and overseas, and strengthen the opportunity to contact with target buyers.

With rich experience in international exhibition organization, Lena exhibition integrates industrial resources and provides enterprises with an international, professional and high-quality platform for communication, negotiation, trading and cooperation.


Exhibition arrangement: 23-24 November 2020 (9:00-21:00) Opening time: 25 November 2020 (09:30-10:00)

Exhibition Time: 25-27 November 2020 (9:00-17:00) Closing Time: 27 November 2020 (14:30-21:00)

[Why participate in the exhibition]

Shanghai International Rubber &Plastic Packaging &Printing Exhibition will help you to grasp the important business opportunities linking the upstream and downstream of the global rubber and plastic industry, and it is also the ideal choice for you to achieve great business goals.

As the world economy slows down, The Asian market has undoubtedly become the focus of global attention.

Under the dynamic economic situation, the "One Belt, One Road" policy issued by the Chinese government will directly affect the economic development of the Asia-Pacific region.

This is a new opportunity for Shanghai International Rubber & Plastic Packaging and printing Exhibition, the second largest in the world, which has experienced great development.

Develop overseas market -- the proportion of international audience is as high as 18%, which is regarded as a high-quality foreign trade platform by xiangsu packaging and printing enterprises

Release annual new products -- more than 100 media broadcast reports, is an important channel for enterprises to release annual new products

Understand industry trends -- act as an industry "weathervane" and "barometer" to show market trends and trends as soon as possible

Consolidate brand status -- it is a choice for enterprises to show their strength and consolidate the position of the industry by gathering the attention of the global rubber and plastic packaging and printing industry

Maintain important customers - this is an economic and trade event that the industry will not miss, but also a good opportunity for you to meet and maintain old customers and receive new customers

Consolidate the brand position -- it is a choice for enterprises to show their strength and consolidate the position of the industry by gathering the attention of the global rubber and plastic printing and packaging industry

【 Why visit 】

To collect and understand market information -- to act as the "weathervane" and "barometer" of the industry to show market trends and trends in a timely manner

Bulk purchase and distribution agent cooperation - to provide you with the global range of excellent rubber and plastic packaging printing brands and quality products for your one-stop purchase, but also to help you intuitively understand the strength of the enterprise so as to smoothly carry out trade cooperation

Maintain important customers, contact suppliers and distributors - this is the industry professionals meet rubber packaging printing event, is also a good opportunity for you to meet upstream and downstream enterprises, maintain old customers, receive new customers

Seek for innovative products, technologies and solutions -- each major brand chooses to release new products, and the summit forum, new product release conference and promotion meeting at the same time become the innovation engine of Asia-Pacific RUBBER and plastic. Here you can find the annual new products that represent the trend

Supplier field visits - The exhibitor hospitality program will help you complete all visits prior to departure

Attend the same conference -- more than 20 forums and activities of application, award, industry and product display, which is a professional platform for you to learn first-hand business information such as product technology sharing and industry development trend

[Buyer analysis]

Group buyers and target customers in professional fields, experts and scholars in scientific research institutions, etc. These high-quality professional audience groups bring more market demands, cutting-edge scientific research results and more potential business opportunities to the exhibition.

Invite local and global user enterprises to participate, including:

Leaders of state and local competent departments, large enterprises and institutions, government organs, trade organizations and other relevant units;

High-end buyers' industry coverage: rubber and plastic products, food and beverage, packaging and printing, automobile, daily chemical products, medical medicine, electronic appliances, chemical and raw materials, construction, aviation, railway, machinery and testing equipment and other application fields;

[Exhibition scope]

Plastic processing machinery, injection molding machine, extrusion machine and production line, blow molding machine, plastic blow molding machines, plastic rolling forming machine, stretch film machine, pressure molding machine, rolling machine, foam molding machine, vacuum mould machine, plastic crusher, grinding machine of plastic, plastic mixer, plastic granulator, plastic thermoforming machine, plastic vacuum evaporation machine, plastic extruding machine, mixing machine, mixer and other equipment;

Rubber machinery: complete set of equipment, single machine, mold and technology for rubber product manufacturing and testing;

Auxiliary equipment: manipulator, loading and unloading equipment, feeding device, transportation system, hopper dryer, mold changing system, mold heating and cooling unit, other auxiliary equipment, etc.;

Intelligent automation equipment: intelligent manipulator, 3D printing technology, industrial robot, intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent information technology and software, instrumentation and testing equipment, sensors, etc.

Molds and parts: extrusion dies, injection molds and parts, new structure molds, hot runner system, hydraulic and pneumatic components, gear pumps, special screw and barrel, frequency converter, etc.

Plastic products: plastic profiles, pipes, films, sponge city network management system, weaving, artificial leather synthetic leather, geotechnical materials, shed cover materials, foam, medical products, degradation, daily necessities and other products;

Chemical and raw materials: all kinds of chemical and raw materials, pigments, masterbatch, chemical fertilizer, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical material, general plastic, major general resin, engineering plastics, rubber raw materials, plastics, composite materials and special materials, plastic filler masterbatch, modified masterbatch, additives, additives, colorants, masterbatch, semi-manufactured goods zone, thermoplastic elastomer and rubber zone on rubber and plastic chemical raw materials;

Packaging machinery and technology: packaging machinery and materials, packaging materials and products, weaving machines, bag making machines, plastic packaging and printing machinery and other equipment, labels, spurting code, punching machine, sealing machine, bar code machine, sealing machine, marking machine, weighing machine, film technology;

Printing Machinery and Technology:

Prepress processing system and software, digital printing and proofing equipment, CTP technology and equipment, offset printing equipment and machinery, tag, flexo and gravure printing equipment, screen printing equipment and materials, special printing equipment, inkjet printing and advertising production technology and equipment of all kinds of packaging and printing, postpress equipment and technology, paper products processing equipment, mechanical equipment, carton, paper processing equipment and accessories, cardboard, cardboard processing materials, printed materials and accessories, all kinds of paper, ink, plate, rubber cloth and other consumables, three-dimensional display materials, double convex printing with the published data, equipment and accessories, electronics, machine set

Provision of repair and maintenance services, testing, quality control equipment and services;

Recycling and regeneration technology: environmental protection recycling and regeneration materials, recycling and regeneration technology, recycling and regeneration technology demonstration area.

[Exhibition procedures]

1. Contact the organizer for detailed information of the exhibition and the latest plan to select \ booth reservation.

2. Fill in the booth application form, stamp it and mail or fax it to the organizing committee.

3. Pay the exhibition fee by telegraphic transfer or submit it to the organizing committee within three working days after applying for the booth. The booth shall be allocated according to the principle of "application first, payment first, arrangement first", otherwise the organizer will regard him/her as abandoning the exhibition and no booth will be reserved.

4. The exhibitor shall not transfer or sublet the booth, or the organizer shall have the right to take back the booth and the booth fee shall not be refunded.

5. The organizer will send the invoice and exhibitor manual to the exhibitors after receiving the Application form and the booth fee.

[Organizing Committee]

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