Shanghai petrochemical ethylene oxide production and marketing

- May 07, 2019-

By the end of April, ethylene oxide sales of sinopec Shanghai petrochemical co., ltd. continued to be prolific and balanced, with a cumulative sales volume of 180% of the same period last year.

The increase in sales is closely related to the change in measurement methods and the increase in delivery capacity made by the company.

"We have a downstream customer who needs tens of thousands of tons of ethylene oxide per year according to the size of the enterprise, but last year he bought only a few thousand tons of ethylene oxide at Shanghai petrochemical," said zhou yishen, ethylene product line manager at the company's sales center.

Why is the customer not willing to pick up the goods from Shanghai petrochemical?

After careful analysis, the company's sales staff found that the problem was due to differences in the way of measurement.

Due to the different ways, customers intuitively feel that there is a quantity difference between the ethylene oxide purchased by Shanghai petrochemical and other channels.

Therefore, is not willing to increase in Shanghai petrochemical procurement.

This mentality also exists in other users, affecting their willingness to purchase Shanghai petrochemical ethylene oxide.

In order to dispel such doubts and improve users' purchasing intentions, Shanghai petrochemical changed the measurement method of flow meter to the truck scale commonly used in the market in the second half of 2018 under the recommendation of the company's sales center, and the user recognition and acceptance were improved.

This year, this customer alone changed the number of ethylene oxide orders from a few hundred tons per month to a few thousand tons.

Pipeline delivery is another delivery method for ethylene oxide.

By the end of last year, the company had boosted pipeline capacity by eliminating equipment bottlenecks, leading downstream customers to increase purchases.

In recent years, a group of petrochemical and fine chemical enterprises has gradually formed around Shanghai petrochemical. Some of them are connected with Shanghai petrochemical through pipelines, and they are the stable downstream customers of the company's ethylene oxide products.

And from the sales stability, security and other aspects, these users are the company's key development object.

Last year, the company's sales center and the company's chemical division conducted a full-scale inspection of the existing ethylene oxide pipeline.

It was found in the investigation that the aperture of a flowmeter located at the factory boundary of the pipeline was too small, which made the whole pipeline fail to reach the * allowable conveying capacity.

Soon, the company's equipment managers came up with a replacement plan.

The company's sales center also communicated with the end customer of the pipeline and obtained the cooperation of the other party.

Thanks to the efforts of all parties, the new large-aperture flowmeter was installed before the end of last year.

With the bottleneck removed, the downstream customers' procurement plan in Shanghai petrochemical this year reached 160% of that of last year.

Sales to improve customer service, production equipment also efforts to cooperate.

In view of the situation of continuous full production and full sale of ethylene oxide this year, the company has formulated the full production plan of ethylene oxide for the production equipment, striving to increase the output of ethylene oxide.

The chemical department of the company adjusted the operation time of the ethylene oxide filling station according to the actual situation, and implemented the 24-hour uninterrupted service to ensure that each vehicle has enough time to implement the filling safety operation steps one by one, so as to keep busy.

With the joint efforts of production, filling and sales, Shanghai petrochemical has achieved full production and sales of ethylene oxide in the first four months of this year.