Sino-south Korea petrochemical successfully completed the ethylene debottleneck project sub-long equipment orders

- Nov 08, 2019-

Recently, as the wuhan bidding center announced the ethylene expansion and transformation of waste alkali oxidation screw compressor won the tender factory, marking the company 1.1 million tons/year ethylene expansion and transformation project second long cycle equipment orders successfully completed.

At present, the company has completed the procurement of 55 long cycle equipment and 254 short cycle equipment for 1.1 million tons/year ethylene expansion and transformation project.

Since last year, the material purchasing center of the company has put forward the material supply target of "ensuring supply, reducing inventory, maintaining integrity and providing talents", and taken multiple measures to ensure the purchase of project materials, overhaul materials and normal production operation.

Grasp the process, ensure progress, obey the rules.

Adhere to the project material procurement report on a weekly basis, to ensure that every material procurement progress clear, ledger update in place;

Develop timely solutions to the situation of stagnation and slow progress to ensure that material procurement is in line with the requirements of the node.

Focus on material procurement and bidding process.

Understand the potential suppliers in the market before bidding and make the purchase plan.

Reasonably set bidding conditions, communicate with material submission department and design institute in advance to ensure the success rate of a bidding.

Keep close track of the bidding information and report status, and the business personnel of the center have spared no effort to travel to the headquarters of sinopec and the bidding centers in nanjing and Shanghai for many times to create conditions for the expected bid opening.

Communicate and summarize problems in time to avoid similar problems from happening again.

Actively carry out business training, constantly improve the professional ability of procurement personnel, escort 2020 overhaul and 1.1 million tons/year ethylene expansion and transformation project smooth implementation