SKD The technology of directly bonding aluminum alloy and polycarbonate resin was developed

- Aug 12, 2019-

Showa denko (SDK) has developed an innovative technology to connect/bond aluminum alloys to polycarbonate resins directly without the use of adhesives.

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Aluminum alloys and polycarbonate resins are usually bonded by mechanical connections (using bolts, etc.) or adhesives (using adhesives).In recent years, attention has been focused on the new technology of directly joining/bonding metal materials in injection molding of resin materials.These new technologies have the potential to simplify processes, increase productivity, and shape complex shapes.In many cases, however, they rely on mechanical adhesion, such as anchoring effects from resin injected into rough metal surfaces.Therefore, polycarbonate resins (and other amorphous engineering plastics) are not considered suitable for bonding/bonding metal materials by conventional means.

SDK leverages its years of expertise in aluminum alloy and polymer chemistry to enable this direct connection/bonding.Specifically, the SDK develops an innovative connection/bonding technology based on special surface treatment and primer treatment of aluminum alloys.In addition to the anchoring effect, the technology also enables chemical bonding.Experiments show that the new technology can be used under conventional polycarbonate molding conditions, providing a reliable bonding strength of more than 25MPa.No special conditions or equipment are required to ensure adequate bonding strength.

The technology can directly bond commercial polycarbonate resins and lightweight aluminum, making it suitable for smartphone cases.The SDK will continue to develop and optimize its aluminum surface treatment technology and primer coating conditions to improve adhesion strength and durability.In the future, the SDK will focus on using super-engineered plastics for higher heat resistance in automotive parts applications.

In SDK medium term business plan "TOP 2021", SDK is promoting cooperation among various business departments and strengthening marketing.The automotive and electronic equipment industries have a growing demand for complex materials.These materials are light and have better cooling, heat storage and insulation properties.Given this market demand, SDK is working to develop composites by combining its own diverse technologies.The announced metal/resin direct bonding/bonding technology is an example of this effort.