SONGWON announced new appointments to key leadership positions

- Apr 10, 2019-

Ulsan - on April 2, 2019 - SONGWONIndustrialCo., ltd. announced today that the leadership changes.

This change will enhance the company's management team capacity, expand the team lineup, optimize the organizational structure, and continue to create value.

Elena Scaltritti will head SONGWON's industrial chemicals division, coordinating the polymer stabilizers, fuels and lubricants businesses.

She was also appointed to the executive committee.

Gerard Mulqueen will head the fuel and lubricants division.

For nearly four years, Scaltritti led SONGWON to expand its global business in polymer stabilizers (PS) and develop strategic business plans.

Since joining the company in 2011, she has played an important role in making SONGWON a global benchmark in the polymer stabilizer industry.

She wants to build on that success and contribute her expertise to the executive committee.

During this period, Scaltritti will continue to serve as the leader of the polymer stabilizer business, deepening the business expansion and effectively utilizing the synergies of the polymer stabilizer and the fuel and lubricating oil business to make profits for the company.

Mulqueen joined SONGWON in 2016.

As the global business manager for fuel and lubricants, he is responsible for developing the company's growth strategy to increase SONGWON's market share in the automotive and industrial lubricants sectors.

In recent years, he has played an important role in expanding the depth and breadth of the fuel and lubricants portfolio, ensuring that the portfolio continues to meet current and future customer needs and industry requirements.

During her tenure as head of the fuel and lubricants business, Mulqueen will strive to promote the growth of the fuel and lubricants business, develop lubricating oil industry customers, further seek development opportunities and realize value added.

Maurizio Butti will continue as CEO and director of *.

Commenting on the new appointment, he said: "we are delighted that so many talented people have been appointed to important positions.

Their expertise and experience is critical to developing more innovative solutions for customers, and is a key element in accelerating SONGWON's emergence as a global leader in specialty chemicals.