Taizhou plastic industry: four new to promote industrial transformation and upgrading

- Apr 09, 2019-

Recently, the second expanded meeting of the fourth council of taizhou plastics industry association was held in luqiao international convention and exhibition center.

"2018 is an extraordinary year for the association. During the 18th China plastics fair, nearly 20 overseas purchasing missions and more than 1,000 purchasers participated, an increase of 23 percent over the previous session.

Taizhou city plastic industry association will changjiang laurel orchid said.

It is understood that the association in assisting the government to hold the "18th China plastics fair", but also to assist member enterprises to set standards.

In 2018, the "household multifunctional food processor" of shuangma plastic industry association, the "plastic garbage bin" of xinding plastic industry and the "plastic roving bobbin" of sanyou group were listed in the group standard of "made in zhejiang".

At present, the plastic products industry is still in the rising development stage. The development trend of "replacing steel with plastic" and "replacing wood with plastic" provides a broad market space for the development of the plastic products industry.

Jiang guilan told reporters, with the progress of China's plastic technology and consumption upgrade, China's plastic products industry will continue to grow.

"We need to hold the key science and technology innovation, independent innovation as the core, with new materials, new technology, new equipment and new products as the key point, actively promote" four new "in the related application of plastic products industry, promote cooperation means of upstream and downstream enterprises, exert the principal role of enterprise innovation, solve the problem of technological innovation and promote high-tech projects, promoting industrial transformation and upgrading.