TFL and DSM have signed a cooperation agreement to promote the sustainable development of the leather finishing market

- Jul 09, 2019-

Waalwijk of the Netherlands and Rheinfelden of Germany signed a cooperation agreement with DSM on June 20, 2019 to promote the sustainable development of the leather finishing market

DSM is a global technology based company active in the fields of health, nutrition and green living.

TFL is a global supplier of specialty additives to the leather industry and related industries.

The two sides today announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement aimed at promoting the development of the market for sustainable leather finishing products.

This cooperation agreement is unique in that it covers the supply and development of the current leading, sustainable water based polyurethane dispersion (PUD) system.

The new collaboration will combine DSM's rich experience in using its technology as the basis for sustainable coating solutions and TFL's expertise in applied technology and insight into the needs of the leather industry, particularly in automotive leather.

By collaborating across different segments of the value chain, DSM and TFL can further expand the market value of sustainable leather finishing products and strengthen their respective market positions.

It is important that both parties commit to innovative technologies to deliver solutions for sustainable lifestyles.

Leather is a sustainable, natural product that brings unparalleled performance to the discerning customer.

As the global market for leather finishing products has largely shifted to water-based PUD systems, TFL and DSM are committed to developing a new generation of sustainable PUD designs based on renewable raw materials.

To that end, DSM's resin and functional materials division has committed to ensuring that at least 30 percent of its raw material X source comes from bio-based and/or recyclable materials by 2030.

The focus of the new strategic partnership between TFL and DSM will be to work together to advance sustainable technologies in the leather finishing product market while enhancing the appearance and functional performance of products.

TFL for leather finishing formulation and application of products and the main leather industry has understanding of customer needs, through this kind of insight and DSM development of PUD system combination, can provide excellent durability, as well as strong mechanical properties and chemical resistance, developed a series of improved performance and sustainable curing coatings.