The 8th China innovation and entrepreneurship competition

- May 20, 2019-

The 8th China innovation and entrepreneurship competition Beijing division and Beijing bank cup China · Beijing innovation and entrepreneurship season new material industry competition and the 5th "nanometer star" innovation and entrepreneurship competition Beijing branch.

I. introduction to the competition

New material industry is one of the national strategic emerging industries and plays an important supporting role in the national economic and social development.

As a national science and technology innovation center, Beijing has gathered a large number of new material science and technology research and development resources and innovative enterprises.

For the further integration of Beijing new material innovation in the field of entrepreneurship resources, promote the transformation of technological achievements transfer and set up new material field innovation innovation service platform, promote the construction of the national science and technology innovation center in Beijing, high-tech industry development, intends to merge the eighth China innovation entrepreneurship competition Beijing conference and innovative undertaking big bank of Beijing cup China Beijing new material industry and the fifth season "star of nano" innovation entrepreneurship competition points "(hereinafter referred to as the" contest ") in Beijing.

The competition highlights the characteristics of "demand leading, industry driving, resource integration, and pragmatic". Based on the work of previous years, the competition collects technical solutions and team research projects based on the research and development propositions and technical demands of large enterprises, and plays the core role of industrial demand leading technological innovation.

At the same time, the competition effectively integrate the government, the industrial park, the industrial capital, leading enterprises, colleges and universities, institutes, professional services, and so on various aspects factor resources and the policy support, project to the ground, venture investment, industry mergers and acquisitions, talent cultivation, entrepreneurial guidance and professional training for the enterprise and provide all-round support project, to achieve "a competing, lifelong benefit, collaborative innovation, accelerate the development of", take the scientific research team and entrepreneurs through the competition to get the real benefits and help.

Ii. Competition organization

(1) guidance units

Torch high-tech industry development center of ministry of science and technology

Beijing municipal commission of science and technology

Beijing development and reform commission

Beijing municipal education commission

Beijing municipal bureau of economy and information technology

Beijing finance bureau

Beijing human resources and social security bureau

Zhongguancun science park management committee

Nanotechnology industry technology innovation strategic alliance

(2) the sponsor

Beijing business incubation association

National center for nanoscience

Beijing nanotechnology industry innovation alliance/Beijing new materials development center

(3) the undertaking unit

Beijing tianzuo science and technology incubator co. LTD

Aimijia (Beijing) new material technology development co. LTD

(4) supporting units

Daxing district science and technology committee

(5) media

Science and technology daily, China science daily, science net, sohu, sina, toutiao, xinhuanet, people's net, new material industry magazine, BTV innovation Beijing, daxing daily, science and technology daxing magazine, science and technology daxing WeChat official account, daxing net, etc.

Iii. Entry conditions

(I) enterprise group

1. The enterprise has the innovation ability and high growth potential, mainly engaged in high-tech product research and development, manufacturing, service and other businesses, with intellectual property rights and no property rights disputes.

2. It is a non-listed enterprise with standardized business operation, good social reputation and no bad record.

3. The operating income of the enterprise in 2018 shall not exceed 200 million yuan.

4. The enterprise registration and establishment time shall be after January 1, 2009 (inclusive), and the enterprise registered after January 1, 2018 (inclusive) shall participate in the start-up group competition, and the enterprise registered before January 1, 2018 shall participate in the growth group competition.

5. Registered enterprises need to register in the evaluation system for technology-based smes (registration website: Enterprises in the growth group that are shortlisted in the national industry finals must obtain the registration number of technology-based smes when recommended by the provincial science and technology management department.

6. Enterprises that have won the first, second, third place or the first, second and third prize in the national finals or the national industry finals of the previous China innovation and entrepreneurship competition and the ranking and individual award of the previous "nanometer star" innovation and entrepreneurship competition are not allowed to participate in the competition.

(ii) team

1. Entrepreneurial teams of enterprises that have not been registered before registration (such as overseas students who have returned to China to start their own businesses, excellent scientific and technological teams that have entered the stage of entrepreneurship implementation, and entrepreneurial teams of college students);

2. No less than 3 members of the core team;

3. The patents related to the products and technologies of the participating projects belong to the participating teams, and there is no property right dispute with any other enterprises;

4. Teams that have won the ranking and individual award in the final of the previous "nanometer star" competition shall not continue to participate in the competition with the same project. Teams that have won the ranking in the previous competition may refer to the conditions of the enterprise group to participate in the enterprise group competition.

Iv. Registration method

(I) enterprise group registration method

Please register and register on the official website of China innovation and entrepreneurship competition ( The deadline for registration is June 10, 2019, and the deadline for registration is June 15, 2019.

Please select "Beijing" as the "administrative area" and "recommended units" as the new material incubator of emmie space.

Registration technical support phone: 010-88656315/6304/6305

(ii) team group registration method

1. For team application, please go to the official website of national nanoscience center to download the "team application form", fill in and send an email to before June 15, 2019.

2. Contact the competition staff below for the team application form, and the staff will timely track and feedback the progress of the registration.

(iii) contest registration and strategic cooperation contact information

Peng li 18811032634

ShiYunFei 15701622658

Suk 13810557954

Wang lei, 18210057505

Sunrise 13810697633

V. schedule of competition

(I) registration

Deadline: June 15 (deadline for business registration is June 10)

(2) preliminary contest

When: early July 2019

Competition method: online evaluation by judges (no need to attend the competition)

(3) final

Date: before the end of July 2019 (specific time to be notified)

Competition mode: on-the-spot road show evaluation

Vi. Incentive policies

(1) enterprise group awards

Enterprises are divided into start-up group and growth group. One first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes are selected.

And according to the results of the competition ranking and places recommended to participate in the eighth China innovation entrepreneurship competition division and bank of Beijing cup China Beijing innovative undertaking big season finals (hereinafter referred to as: big season finals), and the fifth star of "nano" innovation entrepreneurship competition the national finals (hereinafter referred to as: nano star national) qualification.

Winners of the grand season finals will be given priority to participate in the eighth China innovation and entrepreneurship competition national new material industry finals.

1. Cash reward

Provide cash incentives, the specific amount of late announced.

2. The following policy awards will be given to the winning projects in the grand season finals:

(1) the winning project is eligible to apply for the Beijing innovation and entrepreneurship index with points settlement.

(2) recommended to be shortlisted in Beijing new technology and new products (services) directory.

(3) enjoy the additional deduction policy for r&d expenses of technology-based smes.

(4) give priority to capital science and technology innovation certificate support.

(5) priority will be given to participating in exhibitions and promotional activities such as 2019 national science and technology week, Beijing science and technology week and national innovation and innovation week.

(ii) team rewards

Team projects will be selected 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes.

1. Cash reward

Provide cash incentives, the specific amount of late announced.

2. The team is recommended to participate in the national finals of the fifth "nanometer star" innovation and entrepreneurship competition according to the competition ranking.

Vii. Exclusive benefits of the competition

(I) new airport "settlement" service package

This competition will provide "settlement" service gift package to the participating enterprises and teams who plan to land projects in daxing district, including:

1, free registration address and business registration services;

2. Free policy declaration, intellectual property layout consultation, legal affairs consultation, financial management consultation and personnel management consultation;

3. The winning enterprise or team shall have the priority to obtain the rent-free r&d, office, production and test site of daxing new material pilot base for one year, among which the first prize shall not exceed 150 square meters, the second prize shall not exceed 120 square meters, and the third prize shall not exceed 100 square meters;

4. The award-winning enterprises or teams will be located in daxing district, and they will have priority to enjoy the capital, talent and other policy support related to innovation and entrepreneurship in daxing district.

(for a one-time capital support of 50,000 yuan for the settlement project, please refer to "science and technology daxing" WeChat ID and "implementation measures for promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation in daxing district, Beijing" for details).

(2) exclusive training camp and supporting industry fund for the competition

Exclusive training camp this contest: Amy "class" education materials - new material industrialization of high-end talent training camp, new material incubator by Amy space and the porcelain material (300285), founder of listed company & CTO Song Xibin together to build a system of public training courses, focusing on new material industrialization core pain points, difficulty, lasted half a year to teach new material industrialization of actual combat experience, system "whampoa" building China's new materials industry.

At the same time, the training camp supporting cooperative industrial investment fund will provide strategic investment support for the training camp project.

1. Candidates from award-winning enterprises or core team members are preferred to be selected for the training camp without examination;

2. The participating enterprises or core team members have the priority to obtain the audit qualification;

3. The winning enterprises have the priority to obtain the investment fund of 5 million to 50 million yuan for industrial cooperation in training camps;

4. The winning team has the priority to obtain the investment of 1 million to 5 million yuan from the angel investment fund for training camp cooperation.

(iii) precise matching of demands of large enterprises

Collected to indicate the competition mining Technology Group Co., Ltd., the national New energy automotive Technology innovation center, Beijing Sanju Environmental Protection & New Materials Co., ltd. and other large enterprises, listed companies, industry strategy research institutions research propositions and technical requirements (as shown in the table, the table of propositional direction follow-up have added).

During the competition, the competition organization will organize the participating enterprises or teams to match and connect with the needs of large enterprises, so as to achieve cooperation in joint research and development, technology transfer, strategic investment, industrial mergers and acquisitions, and promote the integrated and innovative development of large and small enterprises.